Do two plus signs make a minus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In addition and subtraction, if the plus sign is larger than the minus sign, then it's a plus. For example:

+10 minus -20 = -10

If the plus sign is smaller than the minus sign, the answer will be a minus.

For example:

-10 minus + 20 = -10

In multiplication, if you have 2 plus signs, the answer will be a plus sign. If you have 2 minus signs, the answer will be a plus sign then, too. But if you have a plus and a minus sign, then the answer will be a minus. For example:

+5 x + 2 = +10

-5 x - 2 = +10

-5 x +2 = -10

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Q: Do two plus signs make a minus?
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What are the two signs of angle?

Plus and minus.

What plus and minus signs mean in correlation mean?

They equal a minus and two +'s or two -'s equal a + :)

When multipling a plus sign and a minus sign the end solution would be what sign?

It would be a minus sign. If the two signs are the same, the answer is positive. If the two signs are different, the answer is negative.

What does a plus add a minus equal?

When you have two different signs together (a plus and a minus) the minus takes precedence (the minus "wins"). So, for example, 9 + -3 = 9 - 3 = 6.

What is Plus and minus are two?

If something plus and minus something else make two then the initial value must be 2.

What is three minus negetive four?

3--4 Change those two minus signs into a plus. 3+4=7

How can you make the equation 987654321 equal 0 by only using two plus signs and one minus sign?

-987 + 654 + 321 = 0 .

Why -2 times minus 2 equals plus 4?

When two numbers have the same sign, whether plus or minus, their product is positive. When two numbers have opposite signs, their product is negative.

What is 10--5?


Are two pluses equal to minus?

No. You may be thinking of the rule that a minus times a minus gives a plus. So -1 x -1 = +1. Or you may be thinking of using two plus signs. E.g. 1 + + 1 This just means 1 plus the positive version of one. This is just one plus one.

5 - -5 - -6 equals?

well unless its some super-hard math I've never heard of, you change the two minus signs next to each other in to plus signs and go from there. 5+5+6=16 you know, you should be able to figure that out! - + - = + sorry that looks confusing. a minus plus a minus equals a plus! hope this helps!!

Why Two like signs become a positive sign?

Perhaps you mean minus minus one is plus one. Like subtracting (taking away) a debt is equivalent to adding on. If you bank balance is two dollars in the red (debt) if you add 2 dollars, that debt has gone. minus 2 minus minus 2 is zero, same as minus 2 plus 2 is zero.