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Polygons with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 sides.

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Q: What polygon can you make with 2 squares?
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How many squares are there in a polygon?

There are an infinite amount of squares in a polygon.

Is a polygon a square?

Squares are polygons, but not all polygons are squares.

What shapes can you make from two squares.?

Depending on the sizes of the two squares, their orientation, and the extent of their overlap, anything from a square to a 16-sided polygon.

Polygon where the diagonals are always perpendicular?


What polygon has four angles?

squares and rectangles...

How do you make 4 squares from 5 squares moving 2 sticks?


Which polygon will tessellate by itself?

Triangles, squares and hexagons.

What do 2 squares make?

A rectangle.

What kind of polygon has 2 pairs of equal sides but is not a parallelogram?

A kite or a trapezoid.(Rectangles, rhombuses, and squares AREparallelograms.)

How do you move 2 lines from 5 squares to make it 4 squares?


What polygon has two diagonals?

Squares, and rectagles have two diogonals.

What polygon has 4 right angles?

rectangles (Includes Squares)

What polygon has congruent diagonals?

Isosceles trapezoids, squares, and rectangles.

A polygon is divided into 8 congruent squares The area of the polygon is 72 feet what is the perimeter?


How do you make 41 with the three squares and the two squares?

3 squares: 36 + 4 + 1 2 squares: 25 + 16

What Type of polygon is a Pentominoe?

It is a polygon consisting of 5 unit squares that are attached to one another along a length.

How many degrees in a polygon?

In a polygon that does not include Quadrilaterals (Squares and Rectangles) I think there are 180 degrees in a Polygon. Although squares and rectangles are polygons, so I do not know why they have 360 degrees. ???Polygons have different numbers of sides. To find out how many degrees are in the polygon, use the formula 180(n-2) n=the number of sides in that polygon. So a square has 4 sides. 180(4-2), or 180 x 2=360 degrees in a square. A triangle has 3 sides, 180 (3-2) or 180 x 1=180 degrees in a triangle.

What is a polygon that always has 90 percent angles?

Squares and rectangles always do.

What are the relations among the polygons and squares?

A square is regular quadrilateral polygon

What polygon can always be a tessellates?

Triangles, Squares and Hexagons always tessellate.

What is 2 shapes can make a polygon?

a square and to triangles

How do you move 5 lines to make 2 squares?

no answer

What shape does a triangle and parallelogram make?

2 squares

Polygon with all equal sides?

A polygon whose sides are all equal is known as a regular polygon. Some examples include squares and equilateral triangles.

What is the width of a polygon?

The width of a polygon will depend on its shape. For a polygon, in general, it is the length of the largest diagonal. However, for rectangles of squares it often refers to its smaller sides.