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All triangles will tessellate. All quadrilaterals will tessellate There are 15 classes of convex pentagons (the latest discovered in 2015) which will tessellate. Regular hexagons will tessellate. In addition, there are 3 classes of irregular convex hexagons which will tessellate. No convex polygon with 7 or more sides will tessellate.

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Q: What polygons were used to make the tessellation?
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Can a semi-regular tessellation be made from octagons and rhombi?

Strictly speaking, no, because a semi-regular tessellation must be based on regular polygons and rhombi are not regular polygons. However, octagons and rhombi can be used to make a non-regular tessellation.

What is the importance of the interior angle measures in the polygons included in a tessellation?

It they weren't equal is wouldn't make a tessellation.

Why do tessellations have to be used with only polygons?

All shapes have to be polygons, because there is no shape that has 1 or 2 sides. A tessellation has to be a shape, so that it can be repeated. Its not going to be much of a tessellation if its a line.. lol.. that isn't a tessellation

There are only three regular polygons which can make a regular tessellation?


What is used to create a regular tessellation?

The only shapes which can be used for a regular tessellation are:An equilateral triangle,A squareA regular hexagon.There are also non-regular polygons as well as shapes which are not polygons which can tessellate

Which regular polygon can be used by itself to make a tessellation?

The only regular polygons are those with 3, 4 or 6 sides.

What types of polygons make up a tessellation?

Any polygon will have versions that will tessellate.

There are only three regular polygons that can make a regular tessellation?

True Apex

What tessellation is formed by using regular polygons?

A regular tessellation or semi-regular tessellation or none.

Is depth a tessellation?

No. Tessellation is a process by which identical shapes, usually polygons, are used to cover a plane without any gaps or overlaps.

There are only 3 regular polygons which can make a regular tessellation?

Triangle, square, hexagon.

Only regular polygons with an even number of sides can make a regular tessellation?