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Cher Lloyd came fourth on The X Factor 2010 behind One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle.

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Q: What position was Cher loyd in the x factor?
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When did Cher Lloyd go on The X Factor?

Cher Lloyd went on the X Factor in 2010 but she previously auditioned when she was 16 in 2008.

Who was Cher Lloyd's mentor on The X Factor?

Cheryl Cole was Cher Lloyd's mentor on The X Factor.

Who sang with Cher Lloyd on the X Factor final?

Cher Lloyd sang with on The X Factor final 2010.

Is Cher Lloyd going to win The X Factor?

Cher Lloyd finished in fourth place on The X Factor 2010.

Where did Cher Lloyd come in The X Factor?

Cher Lloyd came 4th on The X Factor 2010 which meant she got to the final.

Did Harry Milward and Cher Lloyd really date in x-factor?

YES, cher Lloyd and Harry really did date on the x-factor.

Did Cher Lloyd leave The X Factor?

Cher Lloyd didn't choose to leave The X Factor but she was voted off and came fourth.

Did Cher Lloyd sing Price Tag by Jessie Jay on the x factor?

No, Price Tag didn't exist when Cher Lloyd was on The X Factor.

How old is Cher from the X Factor?

Cher Lloyd was born July 28, 1993 and was 17 when she appeared on the seventh series of The X Factor in 2010.

Is Cher Lloyd famous?

yes Cher Lloyd is famous because she was on the x factor

How did Cher Lloyd feel when she was on The X Factor?

She never stated an opinion whilst she was on X Factor.

Who was with on direction in the x factor in the final?

Cher Lloyd