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Q: What products can you make by moving the other paper clip?
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Why is paper clip necessary?

a paper clip is not neccessary but is an easy way of holding paper and other materials together

How do you make a homemade compass without bending the paper clip with two pencils and a paper clip?

Put the paper clip on the paper. Hold the two pencils with the two pencil points on either side of the paper clip. Hold one pencil still then move the other to form a circle.

Paper clip and paper towel trick?

it is your face! in other words ugly

Is a paper clip a pure substance?

No.A metal paper clip is usually steel, an alloy of iron, carbon, and other elements in various amounts.A plastic paper clip is composed of a polymer, a very complex compound.

Do you have to use the same clip for crosman p10?

The same Clip as what.... It uses the same clip as several other Crosman products

Who discover paper clip?

The paper clip was not discovered. It was invented.

What does a magnent do to a paper clip?

The paper clip clings to the the magnet

Can a magnet attract a paper clip with a card broad between which other?

No, a magnet will not be able to attract a paper clip that has a cardboard between them. The cardboard will act as a barrier, preventing the magnetic force from reaching the paper clip.

Is a paper clip a good conductors?

Well, it's certainly a conductor, although not as good as aluminium or copper. On the other hand a plastic paper clip is not a conductor.

What weighs the same as a paper clip?

A red paper clip

1 property of a paper clip?

There are only one property of a paper clip. The property to a paper clip is the testing.

Is a paper clip conductive?

A metal paper clip will conduct electricity.