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The sum of the squares of the lengths of the two shortest sides

is equal to the square of the longest side.

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Q: What relationship between the right triangles side?
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What is the relationship between right triangles and the areas of squares?

A right angle triangle with two side lengths that match that of an equivalent square will have exactly half the area of the square.

What size and shape do two congruent triangles have?

to be congruent two triangles have, ASA-two angles the same with a side length between them. SAS-two side lengths the same and a same angle between them. SSS-all 3 side lengths the same. RHS-if the triangles are right angles ,and the hypotenuse are the same. :)

How do you use two right angled triangles to make a parallelogram?

If they are congruent right angle triangles then just join them together side by side to form a parallelogram.

Which congruence theorem guarantees that right angled triangles are congruent?

The checking for right-angled triangles is RHS:Right angle - they both haver a right angleHypotenuse - the hypotenuse of the triangles are congruentSide - a corresponding side of the triangles are congruent.

How is hypotenuse represented in right triangles?

It is the largest side

What is the relationship between the hypotenuse and a right angle?

The hypotenuse is the side opposite to the right angle in the triangle.

What shape is made out of two right triangles?

Two right triangles, when joined together by their hypotenuses (the side opposite the right angle), will form a rectangle.

Does the Pythagorean Theorem work on all triangles with side length of 1?

it works on all right triangles

How do you find a shared side to two right triangles?


How do you make a triangle with 2 triangles and 1 rectangle?

If the 2 triangles are right triangles, which are congruent to slicing the rectangle on the diagonal, then arrange one on top of the rectangle, and the other to the side, so that the two hypotenuses are in line with each other. This will make a bigger right triangle, which is similar to the smaller right triangles - each side is double of the smaller triangles.

What is true about the relationship among the three side lengths of any triangle?

A2+B2=C2A and B are the sides of a right triangle that aren't directly across the right angle. C is the hypotenuse. (This only applies to right triangles).Also, one that does pertain to all triangles is the well-known Law of Cosines, one used to develop the Pythagorean Theorem:c2 = a2 + b2 - abcos(A), where "c" is the hypotenuse, "b" is one side, "a" is another, and "A" is the angle on the opposite's side. (Between the opposite and the adjacent).

What are the properties of isosceles triangles?

All isosceles triangles: - Have angles that add up to 180 degrees - Have two equal sides. The unequal side is called the base. - Have equal base angles. - Have areas and perimeters that can be found using the formulas Area=1/2 X (base X height) and Perimeter=side+side+side An equilateral triangle with a right angle is called a right isosceles triangle. Also, all equilateral triangles are isoceles triangles, but not all isosceles triangles are right triangles.