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It is an approximate average value for acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth. It is affected by altitude, the density of the material near the surface from place to place. And of course, it is totally useless in space, on the moon or Mars.

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Q: What restriction exist in using 9.81 N per kg as the proportionality constant for determining weight?
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What does it mean to say mass and weight are porportional to each other?

That assumes gravity doesn't change. To say that two quantities, "a" and "b", are proportional means that you can write an equation: b = ka (for some constant "k"). In the case of weight: weight = mass x gravity In this case, "gravity" is the constant. That means that for different objects, the weight / mass ratio is always the same. Close to Earth's surface, this constant of proportionality - the gravity - is approximately 9.8 newton/kilogram. If you go far away from Earth, perhaps onto the surface of other planets, gravity is NOT constant, and the statement that "mass and weight are proportional" is not true.

What do you measure when determining weight that you don't measure when determining mass?

The effect of gravity is measured.

Does the weight of an apple increases or decreases or remain constant when taken to the top of mountain?

the weight will decrease

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What is a blance scale used for?

Determining the weight of something.

If mass is constant and weight is a force that depends on location why is weight on Earth independent of location?

The gravity on Earth is constant.

What is the formula for calculating weight when you know the mass?

Weight = Mass x (Local Gravitational Constant)/(Standard Gravitational COnstant)

What will the weight of a ball in water be if its weight in air is 2 newtons?

Weight in a constant gravitational field is also constant, regardless of any surroundings. The weight will be two newtons underwater as well.

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when determining volume, moles, weight, and/or temperature

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