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The greatest magnitude possible is just short of 50%. That occurs when a number just smaller than 15 is rounded down to 10.

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Q: What risk of error is there in measuring 1SF?
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What is 0.019 to 1sf?

It is 0.02

Why is use of zero error necessary in a measuring instrument?

Zero error is necessary for measuring instruments for measuring accurate results because it helps to check that the instrument which we are using is whether correct or wrong

What causes systematic error?

Improper calibration of the measuring instrument. If the measuring instrument is not at zero prior to measuring the object you will get a systematic error which, is a value either always higher or always lower then the actual value of the object.

What do you understand by zero error of a measuring instrument?

It is a defect in a measuring device (Vernier Callipers & Screw Gauge) & zero error is caused by an incorrect position of the zero point.

What meant by the tolerance of a measuring instrumental?

Intrinsic error.

You find your mass to be 42 kg on the weighing machine. Is your mass less than or more than 42 kg?

It may be a little more or a little less; all measuring devices have some error.It may be a little more or a little less; all measuring devices have some error.It may be a little more or a little less; all measuring devices have some error.It may be a little more or a little less; all measuring devices have some error.

What is the lower bound to 1sf of 60000?

I really need the answer tho

Why is the use of zero error necessary in a measuring instrument?


How do you convert square feet to inches?

square feet are converted to square inches by multiplying by 144. IE... 1ft x 1ft = 1sf. 1sf = 144 si. 2ft x 2ft = 4sf = 576si

How do you avoid systematic error?

A systematic error is a reproducible inaccuracy with a nonzero mean. It can be avoided by ensuring that the measuring equipment is not flawed.

What is meant by zero error of a micrometer?

The zero error of a measuring instrument is the measure that it shows when it should actually be showing zero.

What is systematic error?

Such an error is a recurring error because of a faulty measuring instrument or some recurring experimental condition that distorts the data every time a measurement is made.

What are the sources of error in measuring heart rate by palpation?

stop watch

What is the most useful descriptive statistic of measuring dispersion?

The standard error.

What combination of factors produces the smallest risk of a type 1 error?

A combination of factors increase the risk of a Type 1 error. Giving the wrong amount or wrong diagnosis for a wrong drug would certainly increase an error.

What type and source of error when or while using vernier caliper?

The Vernier caliper is an extremely precise measuring instrument Error is almost impossible The error that we must always look out for is the zero error and parralex error.

why is the used of zero error necessary in a measuring instrument?


What is meant by non sampling error?

A systematic error. This may arise because the measuring instrument is not properly calibrated or because there is a bias in recording the results.

Why is the use of zero-error necessary in a measuring instrument?

The zero error helps in correcting the misreading you get from any instrument. It helps in maintaining the sensitivity of the instruments.

Changing the alpha level to .05 from .01 what does it do to the risk of Type 1 error?

This will reduce the type 1 error. Since type 1 error is rejecting the null hypothesis when it is true, decreasing alpha (or p value) decreases the risk of rejecting the null hypothesis.

What factors influence the precision of measuring tool?

Human error, manufacturing differences in measurements.

When was the vernier caliper invented?

It is the measuring instrument it is invented by verniers its error is very small

What is the greatest possible error when measuring to the nearest quarter of an inch in fraction?

An eighth of an inch.

What is the largest source of error during conducting heat neutralization?

Inadequate measuring of the temperature change

Give an instance or a situation that describe a parallax error?

in optical instruments,while measuring the lenght,the object and the image must overlap,if not it would show parallax error.