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That would be a score of 80%.

Hopefully, it was not a math test.

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Q: What score would someone receive if they get 8 right on a test that has 10 questions?
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How many questions do you have to get right to score a 70 percent on a test of 20 questions?


If your test was 10 questions and you got 8 right What is your score?


How many questions on an AP test do you have to get right to get a score of 5?


How do you find the percent of a score?

You divide the number of questions you got right by the number of questions there are then multiply the answer by 100.

What is the test score for 18 questions right out of 60?

18/60 equals 0.30, for a percentage score of 30%.

If you get 19 out of 20 questions right what would your score be?

19 out of 20 is 95%

25 questions you get 14 out of 25 what is your score?

If you got 14 out 25 questions right you should get a 40. This is a low grade.

Out of 104 questions you got 84 right did you pas?

depends. what's a passing score?

How do you covert test score to percentage?

IF each question counts the same, (number right) / (total questions) x 100 = percentage score.

What is the score if you miss 1 out of 3 questions?

If they all count the same, that's 67% right.

Can you get a zero on the SAT?

No you cannot. The lowest score you can receive for any of the Reading, Math, or Writing sections is 200, which would equate to a total minimum score of 600. Furthermore, to achieve such a low score you would have to incorrectly answer the majority of the questions of each section. So essentially, a "blank" SAT with all the questions omitted would yield a score of 220-240 for each section, with a combined score of roughly 640-700. If you happen to receive this score, seriously consider retaking high school.

How do you score in snapchat?

You have to send & receive snapchats to get a score

How many questions do you need to get right for at least a score of 100 when answering 126 out of 126 gets a score of 176 answering 0 gets you 0 and answering 63 gets 88?

Assuming every question has the same score, then: if 126 questions correct score 176, each question scores 176/126 points With 0 correct this gives a score of 0 × 176/126 points With 63 correct this gives a score of 63 × 176/126 = 88 (as given). To score at least 100: number of questions × 176/126 ≥ 100 → number of questions ≥ 100 × 126/176 = 71 13/22 Assuming you cannot answer part of a question to get the mark, you must answer at least 72 questions to get a score of 72 × 176/126 = 100 4/7 If you were to get only 71 questions right you would score 71 × 176/126 = 99 11/63 which is less than 100. You need to get 72 questions right to get a score of at least 100.

What will give you a 75 percent score on a 25 question test?

You must get 19 questions right on a 25 question test to earn a score of 75%

What would be your score if you got 20 questions right out of 35?

If scoring is out of 100pts.... 20/35= 57

What is the score if you miss 3 out of 8 questions?

Providing that the other 5 questions are correct then it is a 62.5% score

What is the score if you miss 1 questions out of 8 questions?


What is the score if you miss 4 out of 25 questions?

The "score" is the correct portion. That's 21/25 of the questions, or 84% .

If you get 19 questions right out ig 30 what do you get?

When you get 19 out of 30 questions right in the sixth grade," that means that you need to get you grade or score up to @ least 27-28 out of 30 correct." If you have any other questions, please email me at :

What happens if you give the wrong information on an IQ test?

If you mean information as in age, then it can have an effect on the result you receive. For example if a 13 and 14 year old each take the same test and answer the same questions right. The 13 year old will receive a higher IQ score than the 14 year old.

How is someone's credit card limit determined?

Someone's credit card limit is determined by examining their credit score. Typically, one who has good credit will receive a much higher credit card limit than one who has a bad credit score.

How many points are each question if there are 26 questions?

The answer will depend on the total score for the test and whether or not all the questions are score the same.

How do you score a goal in gymnastics?

in gymnastics you don't "score goals" you compete and receive points.

What is someone who keeps score called?

Score keeper.

What is a GRE raw score?

A GRE raw Score is the number of questions you answered correctly.