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Two quarter dollar coins (25 cents each) and five dimes (10 cent each coin)


3 x 25 cents = 75 cents

3 x 5 cents = 15 cents

1 x 10 cents = 10 cents

Total = 100 cents or one dollar.

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Q: What seven coins make a dollar?
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Related questions

What seven coins can you make into a dollar?

5 dimes 2 quarters

What 25 coins make a dollar?

3 dollar 3 coins

What 9 coins make 1 dollar?

one quarter, seven dimes and one nickel

How many ways can you make a dollar using seven coins?

2 quarters and 5 dimes

How can 20 coins make a dollar?

20 5 cents coins

Do they make 50 dollar coins?

Not in the US.

What 10 coins use to make dollar?

10 x 10c coins

What 15 coins make a dollar?

5 dimes and 10 nickels make 1 dollar.

What five coins make a dollar?

5*20 cents (Australian) make a dollar. In US and Canadian coins, a 50 cent piece, a quarter, two dimes, and a nickel also make a dollar.

How do you make one dollar with 50 coins?


How do you make a dollar into coins?

ask someone to swap.

What 25 coins will make change for a dollar?


If a man has 1.15 in six coins but can not make change for a dollar half dollar quarter dime or nickel what coins does he have?

half dollar, quarter four dimes

How do you make a dollar of sixteen coins out of 3 different coins?

3 quarters+ 10 pennies+ 3 nickels= 1 dollar

What is a 1960 dollar coin worth?

The U.S. did not make any dollar coins with that date.

Make a dollar out of 13 coins?

8- 5cent coins 4- 10cent coins 1 -20cent coin

What 3 coins make 1.50?

Three half-dollars (three 50-cent coins). In US coins, a dollar and two quarters (dollar coins are not well-circulated).

How many 10 cents coins make one dollar?

10 dimes make one dollar.

How do you make a dollar out of 10 coins?

Uh..10 dimes

What coins make up one tenth of a dollar?


How many ways are there to make one dollar out of coins?


How do you make 2.52 with 9 coins?

2 dollar coins 5 dimes 2 pennies

Which coins make a dollar?

The answer will depend on which country's dollar: there are many countries that use the dollar as a currency and they have different coinage.

How do you make a dollar with coins?

You can make a dollar with any sorts of combinations of coins. A dollar is 100 cents. So 4 quarters or 2 $.50 pieces or 10 dimes or 4 nickels +8 dimes.

How do you make a dollar out of six coins?

1 half-dollar and 5 dimes. BY,Gage Collodi