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A bigger square!

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Q: What shape can you make out of four squares?
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What shape has four squares?

There is no solid shape with exactly four squares and no other faces.

Shannon is making four solid squares She plans to make two rectagular prisms and two cubes How many of each plane shape does she need to make the faces of the four figures?

12 rectangles and 12 squares

Four sided shape?


What shape has four squares and 1 rectangle?

a Stengel!

What shape has all four angles are congruent?

rectangles and squares have

What are tetraminoes made of?

A tetramino is a shape which is formed by four identical squares.

What shape can you make with 9 squares?

a dog

How do you make 4 squares out of 16 matches?

Each square consists of four matches arranged in a square shape. They're not connected.

What is a shape with four sides and four angles?

A quadrilateral, which includes squares, rhombi, parallellograms and trapezia...

A shape with four right angle corners?

Any rectangle (including squares).

What shape has two congruent squares and four congruent rectangles?

Rectangular prism

What shape has four rectangles and two squares?

A cuboid or a rectangular prism.