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Rectangular prism

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Q: What shape has two congruent squares and four congruent rectangles?
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What shape has all four angles are congruent?

rectangles and squares have

Do all rectangles have four congruent sides?

No, only those rectangles that are squares have four congruent sides.

Can a rectangle be a square explain?

a rectangle has 4 right angles. A rhombus has four congruent sides. A square has four right angles and four congruent sides. All squares are rectangles because all rectangles have 4 right angles, and all squares have four right angles. But not all rectangles are squares because not all rectangles have congruent sides.

What type of quadrilaterals has four congruent angles?

Rectangles - and squares, as a special case.

What quadrilaterals have all four angles congruent?

squares, rectangles, some rhombuses .... I'm not sure all angles can be congruent

Are some squares and rectangles not quadrilaterals?

All squares and rectangles are quadrilaterals. The of quadrilateral is a four sided figure. A square has four congruent sides, hence all squares are quadrilaterals. A rectangle is a four sided rhombus, so it is also a quadrilateral.

Four sided shape?


Which types of quadrilaterals have four congruent angles?

They are squares and rectangles that each have four congruent angles of 90 degrees which makes up a total of 360 degrees.

Are Squares the same as Rectanangles?

No. Squares technically qualify as rectangles (parallel opposite sides, ninety degree angles, opposite sides are congruent, etc.) however rectangles do not qualify as squares. Squares MUST have four sides of equivalent length, and rectangles do not meet this criterion.

Squares have four congruent sides and four angles that measure 45 degrees. True or False?

Squares, rectangles, and rhombi are types of Trapazoids

What shape has four rectangles and two squares?

A cuboid or a rectangular prism.

What quadrilateral has all angles congruent?

The quadrilaterals with all angles congruent are rectangles and squares. They are the only quadrilaterals in which all four angles are right angles.