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Q: What shape does a trianguler prism have that a rectangular prism does not have?
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What is the shape of a rectangular prism?

a rectangular prism is like a juice box

How is the rectangular prism and the rectangular prism alike?

they are the same shape, so they will be alike.

What shape has 2 trianguler faces 3 rectanguler faces 6 edges 6 corners and is 3D shape?

A triangular prism ! It has a triangular face at each end, a rectangular base and two adjoining rectangular faces. It actually has nine edges and six corners.

Is 12 edges a rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism can have 12 edges, but not every shape with 12 edges is a rectangular prism.

What is one way that a triangular prism and a rectangular prism are similar?

They both have sides that are rectangular in shape. They both have a constant cross-sectional shape equal to the shape of the ends (triangle for a triangular prism; rectangle for a rectangular prism).

What is The face shape of the rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism.... has four rectangular, and two square faces.

What shape does a triangular prism have than a rectangular prism does not have?

A triangular prism has two triangular faces, a rectangular prism does not have any.

What shape is a brick?

A rectangular prism.

What is halite shape?

Rectangular prism.

What is the difference of the surface area of a cylinder and a rectangular prism?

The surface area of a cylinder prism has round shape and the surface of a rectangular prism has a square shape.

Does a prism have a rectangular face?

This depends on whether or not the prism is a rectangular prism or not. Simple shape prisms (rectangular, triangle, octagonal, hexagonal) all have rectangular faces.

What shape can 4 rectangles and 2 squares make?

The answer depends on their relative dimensions.

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