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There is none. A 5 sided shape is a pentagon but that has 10 diagonals, not 2.

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How many diagonals does a shape with 5 sides have?

5(5-3)/2. That it is the formula so that shape would have 5 diagonals. n(n-3)/2 where n is the number of sides

How many diagonals does a shape with 8 sides have?

The formula for determining the number of diagonals in a shape is n(n-3)/2 where n=vertices, (corners or intersections of geometric shapes). For an eight sided shape we replace n with 8. 8(8-3)/2 8(5)/2 (8x5)/2 40/2=20 An octagon contains 20 diagonals. For a further example we can determine the diagonals in a shape with 5 sides: 5(5-3)/2 5(2)/2 (5x2)/2 10/2=5 A Pentagon contains 5 diagonals.

How many diagonals in pentagon have?

It has 5 diagonals.Formula: number of distinct diagonals = n(n-3)/2where n is the number of sides (or vertices)number of diagonals in pentagon:= 5(5-3)/2= 5(2)/2= 10/2= 5Answer: There are 5 diagonals in pentagon.

What is the largest number of diagonals that can be drawn inside a polygon with n sides?

Formula: number of diagonals = 1/2 * n(n-3) where n is the number of sides or vertices Example: to get the number of diagonals in a pentagon pentagon has 5 sides or vertices; thus, n = 5 no. of diagonals: = 1/2 * n(n-3) = 1/2 * 5(5-3) = 1/2 * 5(2) = 1/2 * 10 = 10/2 = 5

How many triangles are formed by drawing diagonals from one vertex of a polygon with fifty sides?

use the formula s-2 (s=sides) there are 2 triangles in a square, which has 4 sides:4-2=2 there are 3 triangles in a pentagon, which has 5 sides:5-2=3 so, there should be 48 triangles in a shape with 50 sides:50-2=48

How many diagonals are in a 7 sided polygon?

A 4-sided polygon has 2 diagonals. A 5-sided polygon, 5. 6-sided, 9. By induction, an n-sided polygon has 'n*(n-3)/2' diagonals. "n" is how many sides a shape has. so, (7)*(7-3)/2 now we have, 7*4/2 so, 28/2 = 14 Therefore, a 7-sided polygon would have 14 diagonals.

What has 5 sides and 5 diagonals?

It is a 5 sided pentagon

What are two numerical ways in finding the total sum of diagonals in any polygon?

1. Number of diagonals = 0.5*(n2-3n) where n represents the number of sides2. If a polygon had 8 sides write out the numbers in descending order leaving out the first 2 numbers and the last number and adding them up gives the amount of diagonals:-6+5+4+3+2 = 20 diagonalsIf it had 9 sides then do the same:-7+6+5+4+3+2 = 27 diagonals

What is the number of diagonals drawn from one vertex on a heptagon?

a heptagon has 7 sides. you cannot draw a diagonal to the 2 adjacent vertices, so 7-2 = 5. there would be 5 diagonals.

What are the mathematical names of the first ten polygons and their properties?

All polygons have 3 or more sides having exterior angles that add up to 360 degrees and the first 10 can be classed as follows in order of their geometrical names, number of sides, sum of interior angles and number of diagonals:- 1 Triangle: 3 sides, 180 degrees and no diagonals 2 Quadrilateral: 4 sides, 360 degrees and 2 diagonals 3 Pentagon: 5 sides, 540 degrees and 5 diagonals 4 Hexagon: 6 sides, 720 degrees and 9 diagonals 5 Heptagon or Septagon: 7 sides, 900 degrees and 14 diagonals 6 Octagon: 8 sides, 1080 degrees and 20 diagonals 7 Nonagon: 9 sides, 1260 degrees and 27 diagonals 8 Decagon: 10 sides, 1440 degrees and 35 diagonals 9 Undecagon: 11 sides, 1620 degrees and 44 diagonals 10 Dodecagon: 12 sides, 1800 degrees and 54 diagonals Note that all polygons can be regular, irregular, congruent or similar

What polygon has the same number of diagonals as it has sides?

In short: The Pentagon In Long: The formula for the number of diagonals is (x*(x-3))/2 So if you make that equal to x you get 5. (x(x-3))/2=x (x^2-3x)/2=x x^2-3x=2x x^2-5x=0 x=0 or x-5=0 x=0 or x=5 x=5 Because there is no polygon with 0 sides and the pentagon is defined as a polygon with 5 sides, the pentagon is the only regular polygon with the same amount of diagonals as it has sides.

Does a polygon ever have more diagonals than sides?

The number of diagonals for a shape with x sides is (x²-3x)/2 The number of sides is x You want to know if x is ever less than (x²-3x)/2 or else (x²-3x)/2 - x > 0 (x² - 3x) / 2 - x > 0 (x² - 3x)/2 - (2x)/x > 0 x² - 3x - 2x > 0 x² - 5x > 0 x(x-5)>0 This only true if x<0 or x>5, and since a polygon cannot have less than 2 sides, x<0 is meaningless. This means that if x<5 then the number of diagonals is less than the number of sides, equal for x=5, and more for x>5. ■

What shape has 5 sides and 2 lines of symmetry?

I believe that there is no such shape.

Which polygon has number of sides is equal to the number of diagonals?

The five sided Polygon has 5 diagonals

What 5 sided shape has 2 equal sides?

A regular pentagon has 5 sides and all sides are equal. Therefore 2 of the sides are also equal.

What is a 2 dimensional shape with 5 sides and 5 angles?

A Pentagon

How many diagonals per vertex does a pentagonal prism have?

The number of diagonals per vertices can be found by taking n(number of sides) minus 3, or n-3. Thus a pentagonal prism will have 5 sides per base, making the formula 5-3=2. There are 2 diagonals per vertex in a pentagonal prism. Source: My math teacher

What is a 2d shape with 5 sides?

a 2d shape with 5 sides is PENTAGON.

What shape has 5 equal sides?

a shape with 5 equal sides is a pentagon

5 sided shape with 2 right angles?

a shape with 5 sides and 2 right angles is or are a pentagon so the answer is a pentagon

How many diagonals does a octagon has?

20 diagonals For any n-sides polygon, the formula for the number of diagonals is (n/2) x (n-3), so for an octagon it is (8/2) x (8-3) = 4 x 5 = 20.

What shape has a 5 sides and 2 right angles?


What is a shape with 5 sides and 2 right angles?

a pentagon

Does a pentagon have 5 diagonals?

Yes. A polygon has n(n-3)/2 diagonals, so if n=5: 5(2)/2 =5

What is a shape w 5 sides called?

A pentagon is a shape that has 5 sides.

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