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2 triangles and 3 rectangles

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Q: What shapes are all of the faces in a triangular prism?
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What are the shapes of the faces of a square triangular prism?

The base is a square and there are four triangles on the edges all meeting at a single vertex at the top of the prism.

What are all the properties of a triangular prism?

a triangular prism have 5-faces,9-edges and 6-vertices

Are all faces congruent on a triangular prism?

Not necessarily.

What shape has all faces that are triangles?

triangular prism

How do you find flat faces of a triangular prism?

All the faces of a triangular prism must be flat. So finding them should not be too difficult!

How many right angles on all the faces has a triangular prism?

A triangular block prism has four right angles on each of the three faces, so the total 'on all the faces' = 12.

What is the difference between a octahedron and a triangular prism?

One difference: An octahedron has 8 faces, a triangular prism has 5. An octahedron (="eight faces") is a regular high-symmetry solid with all the faces identical. A triangular prism has a triangular base, a triangular roof, and 3 rectangular sides (walls).

What soild has triangular faces?

a triangular prism, a pyramid, uh thats all i can think of.

What ia the differences of prism and pyramid?

Well if you mean triangular pyramid and triangular prism then: A triangular pyramid is a geometric solid with a base that is a triangle and all other faces are triangles with a common vertex. A triangular prism is a geometric solid with two bases that are congruent (identical), parallel triangles and all other faces are parallelograms. It is referred to as a right triangular prism if the faces are rectangles.

What is the difference between a tetrahedron and a triangular prism?

A tetrahedron has four faces, all triangles A triangular prism has five faces, two triangles at the end joined by rectangles.

The vertical cross-sectional shapes of this prism are all congruent triangles.?

A right triangular prism.

How do you fit cubes into a triangular prism?

You cannot since the triangular prism has faces meeting at 60 degrees - all the faces of a cube meet at right angles. You can have small cubes sitting within a triangular prism but they cannot "fit" into it.

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