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50 amp breaker wired with AWG # 6 wire.

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Q: What size breaker should be used for a double oven?
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What size breaker should be used for a 3.6 kW oven?

To calculate the current the equation is Watts divided by Volts. 3600 / Volts = Amps The current should be less than or equal to 80% of the Breaker Size. For example a 30 amp breaker should carry no more than 24 amps continuously.

Will the Maytag Gas double oven fit in a built in space that currently has a regular standard oven?

Majority of the Maytag double oven (gas) should fit into a space built for a regular standard oven (gas) except for one or two larger size Maytag double oven(gas).

What size breaker is used on a 6800 watt oven 240V?

a 30 amp breaker will work. the formula is power divided by voltage and then use next size up

What size breaker do you need for a dryer?

Usually a double pole 30 amp breaker for and electric dryer.

What size breaker for a 3000 watt 240 volt oven?

3000 / 240 = Amps. You de-rate a breaker by 20 % for continuous load like an oven. You could get by with a 20 Amp breaker and 12 AWG wire. However, I would recommend 30 Amps and 10 AWG for an oven for the long run.

What size breaker should you use for a tnia-10 wire?

25 amp breaker

What size breaker should be used for a stove?

that would really depend upon the stove (I assume that you mean an appliance with an electric cooktop and an electric oven) and the size of the wire present. Most of the time a stove will require a 50amp breaker. This will mean that you would need to have 6 gauge wiring. You can probably get by with a 40 amp breaker and 8 gauge wire if you absolutely had to. Always check the appliance specifications. they will recommend a breaker size.

What size breaker do you need for 5.7kw neff oven?

A breaker is sized by the wire size. The wire is sized by the amperage. The formula for amperage is I = W/E. Amps = Watts/Volts. As you can see with no voltage stated an answer can not be given.

What size oven is needed for a 20lb turkey?

About 30' wide is the oven size recommended for a 20 lb. turkey. This oven can be a free standing, free standing double, or slide-in model.

What size breaker should be used for a TNIA-10 wire?

running wire 12-2 300ft w/9ea. 27watt lights what size breaker should be used

What size wire for 75 feet of wire for a 30 amp 220 volt oven?

A 30 amp breaker run 75 feet would require you use AWG #10 wire. But, an oven normally pulls more that 30 amps and I would not use #10 wire on a 30 amp breaker for an oven. Normally any newer oven is wired with AWG #6 gauge wire on a 50 amp circuit breaker so the breaker will not trip during heavy use of the oven. Some older ovens could use a #8 wire on a 40 amp breaker.

How are branch circuits protected?

Branch circuits are protected by the circuit breaker found in the electrical panel. Each circuit should have its one breaker. The breaker should be rated to protect the insulation of the wire, so you can determine the breaker size based on the circuit conductor size Example #14-2 should be protected by a 15 amp breaker

How do you calculate amp of circuit breaker to use on a 4800w oven?

Ovens typically run at 240 volts which will be a two pole breaker in your panel. Watts = volts x amps. 4800 / 240 = 20 amps. If by chance you are using 120 volts then double it to 40 amps. All wiring must conform to size of breaker used.

What size of cable should you use 63A circuit breaker?


What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a geyser?


4800 watt heater that's 240 volts What size breaker is needed?

Technically it's a 20 amp load (20A x 240V = 4800W). However, you should not run a breaker at full load. The breaker is to protect the wiring from overheating and from short circuits. You should use 10 gauge wire and a 30 amp double pole breaker.

What size breaker should be used on a 20 amp motor?

30 amp breaker with #10 gauge copper wire

What type of ovens does NEFF provide?

NEFFs oven product line includes single and double ovens. They have 21 different single ovens and 14 double ovens. Each oven varies in terms of specs. The double ovens provide a bottom (Main oven) and a half size top oven.

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for 110 outlet?

The size breaker you use is determined by the size wire used in the circuit. If you use AWG #12/2 wire then use a 20 amp breaker. If you use AWG # 14/2 then use a 15 amp breaker.

What size wire and circuit breaker is needed for an electric oven 4 wires with rated load of 34.9 amps 220v that is about 100 foot run from the electrical panel?

That would be a 40 amp 220v circuit. Circuit breaker is 40 amps and wire is 8 awg. Should use solid copper wire. Follow oven installation instructions.

Does a 23 inch double wall gas oven exist?

24 inch. I suspect this is the size of the opening for it, the oven itself is probably smaller.

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a home entertainment system?

You use the correct size breaker depending on the size wire in the circuit. If the circuit is wired with AWG #12 wire use a 20 amp breaker. If it is wired with AWG #14 wire then use a 15 amp breaker.

What size breaker should be used for a fridge?

For a standard fridge, a dedicated single pole 15 or 20 amp breaker will do the job.

What gauge wire should be used for a 15 amp breaker?

The correct wire size for a 15 amp breaker is a #14 wire.

What is the standard to select circuit breaker?

Add up your amps to calculate your breaker size. Add up your loads (amps), divide by 0.8, and choose that size breaker. If that number does not correspond to a standard size breaker you go to the next higher standard size breaker.