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Depending on what Type of Aluminum conductors you are using, NEC permits 3 #2 Aluminum (XHHW) in a 1" PVC conduit HOWEVER most of us in the field prefer to save the headaches, spend a few more dollars to get 1 1/4".

Remember that there are 2 different types of PVC, and even more types of Alum wire all with different ambient temp ratings and applications.... With PVC you'll need to chose between Schedule 40 & Schedule 80. The difference is in the wall thickness and which one you use depends on your application... if exposed (if running up the side of house or building) VS running it underground.

This is the tip of the ice burg as far as things to consider when installing any wiring ... Remember Electricians undergo years and years of training as well as schooling so it's not like deciding to skip hiring a painter and doing it yourself.... If you do a bad paint job you'll have runs and uneven finish, which sucks but nothing is really damaged except maybe your pride. if you do a bad wiring job you and your family could die or if your lucky you just lose everything you own including your home in a fire..... So be smart, pay an expert and call in a professional. Skimp on the other projects, spend the money on wiring!

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Service entrance wire size is AWG # 3 copper.

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A 300 MCM aluminum conductor will limit the voltage drop to3% or less when supplying 100 amps for 400 feet on a 240 volt system.

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Q: What size wire is needed for a 100 amp service 400 feet away 120 240 volt underground in PVC conduit?
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How can we define contact arcing?

Contact arching is the action of an electricity flow that uses surround air as a conduit to sustain its charge. This action take place after a spark breaks away from an electric current.

What size underground wire do you need from house to building 120 feet away?

The most significant part of the equation is, what will be the maximum current draw? If it's to be a small current draw, for example 40 Amp service (40 amp breaker), you'll use 8AWG wire that's rated for direct burial. Higher current rating will require larger wire. As always, if you have any questions about the proper wiring or how to connect electrical service, contact a local electrical contractor. Understand that improper wiring can result in fire and/or death.

What size wire do you need to run overhead to a 50 amp service five hundred feet away?

For that distance I would run AWG # 3 copper and install a sub-panel.

How long can the wires be for a 200amp service with 240 volt?

The wires can be as long as they need to be to make the connection. It is a fact that as the length of the wires are increased, the size of the wire also has to be increased, to over come the voltage drop due to the internal resistance of the wire. A 3/0 copper conductor with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C is rated at 210 amps. This is the normal size for a 200 amp service. If the service is further away, then the increasing of the wire size starts at 3/0.

Can you replace your old 60 amp service panel box with a new 60 amp panel box?

Most jurisdictions will no longer allow the installation of 60 amp main service panels. If you are doing a repair, and a simple replacement MIGHT be considered a repair, you might get away with replacing one with the other. But if you have the time, money, and/or you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, I suggest you upgrade the service to at least 100 amps. Even in small homes the typical installation is now 125 amps. And if the home is all electric, typical installation is 200amps. Replacing a service panel can be very dangerous. Do this ONLY if you know what you are doing and how to protect yourself from injury. If you are guessing, DO NOT DO THIS TASK.

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