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There is no such figure.

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Q: What solid figure has 8 edges and less than 4 faces?
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How many fewer faces does a rectangular prism have then a pentagonal prism?

A rectangular prism has 6 faces. A pentagon prism has 7 faces. Therefore a rectangular prism has one less face than a pentagonal prism.

What are the qualifications of a rectangle?

More or less the same as a square. 4 right angles (90 degrees) 2 pairs of parallel lines.If you can guarantee that the opposite sides of your 4-sided figure are parallel,OR that they're equal, AND that the figure has one right angle inside it, thenyou can be sure that it's a rectangle.

What are the advantages of the Roman numeral system over the Hindu-Arabic numeral system?

Some of them are:- No need for a zero figure Less symbols are needed No requirement for using more then four repetetive symbols Addition and subtraction less complicated Some numbers can be marked in two different formats but having the same value

If two dice are rolled what is the probability of getting a number less than or equal to 6?

Assuming the dice are cubes with numbers 1-6 on their faces, the probability that a number less than or equal to 6 is shown is 1 as each die can only show numbers less than or equal to 6. However, if you mean the SUM of the two dice is less than or equal to 6, then: There are 36 ways in which the two dice can fall. The sum of the two top faces can be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; these are achieved in 2: 1+1 → 1 way 3: 1+2; 2+1 → 2 ways 4: 1+3, 2+2, 3+1 → 3 ways 5: 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1 → 4 ways 6: 1+5, 2+4, 3+3, 4+2, 5+1 → 5 ways → there are 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15 different ways a sum less than or equal to 6 can be displayed (on the top faces). Probability_of_success = number_ways_of_success/total_number_of_outcomes → Pr(sum ≤ 6) = 15/36 = 5/12

What feature is distorted on an equal area map?

Landmasses , map projections that show the correct size of landmasses are called equal-area maps. In order to show the correct size of the landmasses, the map usually distort shapes . This distortion is usually greater at the edges of the map and less at the center

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What solid figure have eight edges and 7 vertices?

None. Using Euler's formula v - e + f = 2, where v is vertices, e is edges, and f is faces, we see that for your question f = 3. No solid figure can have less than 4 faces (a tetrahedron).

What is the name of sum of the areas of all faces of a solid figure?

The "Surface Area" of the solid figure. Note, the word "total" in the answer above is not correct/needed - there can not be anything less than a surface area of a solid figure.

What solid shape has 4 less faces than a cube?

Since a cube has 6 faces, you would be looking for a solid shape with only 2 faces and no such solid exists.

The only Platonic solid with less than five faces is what?


How many less edges than vertices faces does an octahedron?

According to the Euler characteristic which applies to all simply connected polyhedra,# edges + 2 = # vertices + # faces. So the answer is 2 fewer.

What solid have more than one edge and less than 10 edges?

A pyramid with a triangular base. It has 6 edges, or a pyramid with a square base, which has 7 edges

What two shapes have the same number of faces and edges and vertices?

There are infinitely many sets. For example, a cube, cuboid, parallelepiped, rhombohedron and their less regular counterparts all have 6 quadrilateral faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices. There are similar sets for polyhedra with a different number of faces.

What is a polygon six side and six angels?

a polygon has 6 sids and 6 faces because it is a closed figure and any closed figure has 8 sides or less

How many faces vertices and edges does a 7 sided pyramid have?

6 faced more or less.. !! Counting faces and one of the bottom = 7 .!! See yaa kisees . ;D hope my ansewer help u a lot.!

Are there any three-dimensional figures than have fewer than 3 edges?

Yes, an example of this is a sphere which does not have any edges. If you had intended to ask if there are any polyhedra with less than three edges, the answer to that would be no, as the only figure constructable from three distinct lines is a triangle.

A shape that has 6 or less edges?


Does solid liquid have less or more thermal energy?

It has less because you add a solid and liquid together and you get less.

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