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There is no such thing as a watt amp.

To determine wire size you need to know the current. Watts = Current x Voltage, so if you know the applied voltage to the load that consumes 300 watts you can get the answer. If we assume 120 volts as standard home voltage then current is 25 amps. If you had 240 volts it would be 12.5 amps.

In general 14 AWG is 15 Amps

12 AWG is 20 Amps

10 AWG is 30 Amps

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Q: What speaker wire for 300 watt amp?
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What will a 3000 watt amp do to a 300 watt speaker?

It will have the potential to over drive the speaker elements and can cause distortion and potential speaker damage.

Will it sound bad if you use a 400 watt speaker with a 300 watt amp?

No, that's just the maximum capacity of the speakers. You can always run them at less than their maximum rating.

Can a 1200 watt amp power a 300 watt box?

yes it can

Can you use speaker wire for power wire for an amp?

No because speaker wire does not have enough insulation to be safe for power.

What is louder sub on 300 watt amp 10'' 300 watt or 10'' 600 watt?

They can be as loud, as the amp is not delivering 600 watts. The 10" sub rated at 600 watts is able to withstand more power.

Can a twin 300 watt speaker destroy a 250 amp?

I am not a sound man but an electrician. But as I understand it, speakers only receive power. So if you connect 300 watt speakers to a 250 watt amp, you can only get 250 watts out of the speakers. If this understanding is correct, this could not blow your amp. I might say, however, that in most things electrical, they are not intended to be used at maximum output for very long. So if this understanding stays true with sound equipment, then running your 250 watt amp at maximum output in an attempt to get 300 watts out of it, this could shorten the life of your amp even though you never actually overload it.

Can a 1200 watt amp power a 1300 watt sub?

It's actually a good idea to have a speaker that can handle higher wattage than the amp can produce.

What size gauge wire for 4000w amp?

on a 4000 watt amp the best gauge wire woul be between 2 and 0

Can you blow out your speakers if you use the wrong power amplifier?

Speakers can be blown if the wrong power amplifier is used and damage can be done by either overpowering or underpowering the amp. For example, if the power rating of the speaker is 300 watts capacity you will need a 300- to 600-watt amp.

Can you use a 52 watt stereo with 1000 watt speakers?

sure you can, your amp will only deliver 52 watts to the speaker, more importend would be the impedance of the speaker . it should be equal to what your amp has! may be 8 ohms

If you have two 300 watt subwoofers for your vehicle then what size amp do you need?

To power two 300 watt subwoofers, you will need an amplifier with a maximum power output of at least 600 watts. It is recommended to choose an amplifier with a slightly higher wattage rating to ensure that the subwoofers receive enough power for optimal performance.

What gauge wire do you need for 1800 watt amp and 2 550 watt subs?

4 gauge