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There is no such number.

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Q: What square number can be taken away from 100 to make 21?
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What must be taken away from 519 to make 400?

119 must be taken away from 519 to make 400.

How do you make a number the square?

you make a square number by multiplying a number times itself.

How do you make the square number small than the other number?

Select the other number so that it is bigger than the square number!

What are all numbers than make a square?

All numbers can make a square. Every real number makes a positive real square. Every rational number makes a rational square. Every integer makes a perfect square.

Why does it make sense to call 36 a square number?

Because, 6x6=36. A square number is a whole number times itself.

Is 100 greater than the seventh square number?

If we make 12 the first square number then the seventh square number is 72 = 49. And, 100 > the answer to the question is yes.

What must be taken away from a liquid to make it change into a solid?

The liquid loses heat.

What do you do to a prime number to make it have 3 factors?

Square it.

This number of tiles will make a square?


What number make up a square number of 45?

45*45 = 2025

What square number subtracts to a prime number to make 74?

81 - 7

What least number must be added to 5607 to make the sum a perfect square find theperfect square of its square root?

5607 + 18 = 5625, a perfect square. The perfect square of a square root is the number you started with.

How do you make a square with only three sticks?

You could use the 3 stick to make the number 4 which is a perfect square.

Can you breed to make a weird Pokemon?

no cause itd be taken away from u like i had on my dimond but got took away from me by the proffeser

What makes a number a square number?

I don't know if this is what you mean, but to make a normal number a square number, you have to times it by itself*****I suspect though, that the answer is as follows:A square number is one that is the product of some integer multiplied by itself. This second integer is the square root of the original number. Thus, 9 is a square number since 3*3 = 9

Find out the square root for that given number using string?

Halv that given number,Make a square that has that half number as the length of a side.Stretch the string across the diagonal of the square from corner to corner.The length of the string is the square root of the given number

How do you find the square of a root number?

you take the number and find another number that would make the first number times itself. for example: the square root of 144 is 12

Are 36 and 49 both Square numbers?

Yes, a square number means that it is the product of a number times the same number, so if you can divide a number buy the same number you get the square root. 6x6=36 and the square root of 36 is 6. 7x7 is 49 and the square root of 49 is 7. Make sense?

What makes square numbers square numbers?

By definition, a number is square if it is the product of some whole number and itself. For example, 9 is a square number, because it is 3 times 3.100 is square, since 100=10x10.They are called square numbers, because that many stones could be neatly arranged in a square. 9 stones would make a 3 by 3 square, and 100 stones would make a 10x10.

By what least number must 217800 be multiplied in order to make it a perfect square?

It is: 8 because 8*217800 = 1742400 which is a square number

What Does It Mean If You Hope Someone Dies?

It means you want their life taken away, and the phrase is taken lightly, and if you think about it, is an extremely cold statement to make

What make a number a perfect square number?

A perfect square is the square of an integer, i.e., an integer multiplied by itself. For example, 25 is a perfect square, because 5 x 5 = 25. But, in literal mathematical terms, a perfect number is a positive integer that is the sum of its proper positive divisors, excluding the number itself. A square number is also called a "perfect square", so an example of a square number is above. So, a perfect square number would have to be a number that is both perfect and square, and there are yet to be any of these numbers "discovered".

What is a square root of an number?

The square root of an number, is the number that is times by itself to make the product. For example, the square root of 25 is 5 because 5 x 5 equals 25. Or the square root of 144 is 12 (12x12=144)

How do you evaluate a square root?

You know to find out which out which number has been timed by itself to make the number in the square root. For example: If the number inside the square root is 49, you need to find out which number has been timed by itself to make 49. As you may know, the number inside the square root is always a square number, so I would advise you to learn the list of square numbers. 7 x 7= 49, so the square root of 49 is 7. Remember that Evaluate simply means work out. So when to asked to evaluate a square number, cube number, square root, cube root etc., simply just work it out. Evaluating powers and roots is grade D in maths.

What are the square roots of 64?

The square roots of any positive number are the positive and negative number which can be multiplied together to make that number. In this instance, sqrt(64) = ±8.