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The temperature for the freezing point of water is 0 degree Celsius.

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Q: What temperature is freezing-?
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At what temperature can you get frostbite?

the temperature below freezing

What is sub freezing temperature?

temperature below freezing point of water.

What is the state of matter of mercury at freezing temperature?

At mercury's own freezing temperature, the mercury can be either solid or liquid; that is the definition of "freezing temperature".

What is the temperature freezing?

Freezing temperature is 0 degrees Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit.

Does salt lower the temperature of water freezing?

Salt decreases the temperature of water freezing

What is the freezing temperature of milk?

The freezing temperature of milk is negative .53 and .56 degrees Celsius. The freezing temperature varies by the species of cow and the type of diet the cow is on.

Freezing temperature of Argon gas other process occur at this temperature?

the freezing temperature of Argon is-189 celsius.(melting)

What temperature is the freezing temperature?

32 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0 degrees celsius) is the point of freezing.

When the temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit is it warmer or colder that the freezing temperature of water?

The freezing temperature of water is 0 degrees celsius or 32 degrees fahrenheit so it is colder than the freezing temperature of water.

What is the freezing point of freshwater?

320F is freezing at Fahrenheit, 0 is freezing in Celsius temperature

What is the freezing temperature of ice?

The freezing temperature of ice is 0 degrees C and 35 degrees F

What is the freezing temperature of coffee?

The freezing temperature of coffee is -28 degrees Celsius or - 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

What the temperature in Antarctica?

Generally, the temperature in Antarctica is below freezing, and most times far below freezing.

What conditions are required for it to sleet?

ground temperature below freezing, and air temperature slightly above freezing.

How many degrees does water changes from a liquid state to a solid state at what degrees?

Freezing occurs without any change in temperature. A liquid at freezing temperature becomes a solid at freezing temperature.

What is the temperature that freezing occurs?

This is called the melting (or freezing) point

What are ideal conditions for freezing?

A temperature under the freezing point.

What is the freezing temperature in Celsius?

The freezing point is 0 oC.

What forms when the air temperature is below freezing?

freezing rain

What is the freezing point of Hydrofluorosidic Acid?

Freezing Temperature for Fluoride

Temperature below freezing means snow?

Snow does occur when temperature is below freezing because snow is just frozen rain . Lets say it rains , and the temperature is below freezing , that rain would become snow . So temperature below freezing means having snow is true .

What causes freezing?

I'm not sure I see what you're asking.. Freezing is what happens when I substance gets below it's freezing temperature - the temperature at which it becomes solid.

How is melting similar to freezing?

Melting and freezing both have a fixed temperature at its melting/freezing point.

What happens to the temperature of naphthalene during freezing?

Temperature stays unchanged during freezing at the melting point level

What is the coldest temperature past freezing point?

The coldest temperature below freezing point is -273 degrees centigrade

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