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Probability distribution is when all the possible outcomes of a random variation are gathered together and the probability of each outcome is figured out. There are several ethical issues with this one being that it is not always accurate information that is gathered.

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Q: What the ethical issues in probability distribution?
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What are the Similarities of discrete probability distribution and continuous probability distribution?

They are probability distributions!

What legal and ethical issues does the Easy Jet organisation need to consider with regard to the gathering processing distribution and use of information on the Internet?

Legal issues and ethical issues needs to be researched and recommended to EasyJet. There is no particular answer for that question, and the question counts 15% so go do it!

Is normal distribution also a probability distribution?

Yes. When we refer to the normal distribution, we are referring to a probability distribution. When we specify the equation of a continuous distribution, such as the normal distribution, we refer to the equation as a probability density function.

Is normal distribution a discrete probability?

No. Normal distribution is a continuous probability.

True or False A sampling distribution is a probability distribution for a statistic?

The statement is true that a sampling distribution is a probability distribution for a statistic.

How to find Median of probability distribution?

how do i find the median of a continuous probability distribution

What the ethical issues in distribution of aproduct?

Slotting allowance is an example of a distribution-related issue (Crane & Matten,2010). This is where smaller suppliers don't have as much probability in getting their products on shelves compared to large suppliers, because they cannot afford as much shelf space, regardless of whether they supply better-quality products (Jobber, 2007).

Why if a probability distribution curve is bell shaped why is this a normal distribution?

A bell shaped probability distribution curve is NOT necessarily a normal distribution.

What the difference between a probability distribution and a probability function?

None. The full name is the Probability Distribution Function (pdf).

Explain probability distribution?

The probability distribution of an experiment is a function that maps the probability of each possible outcome of the experiment to that outcome.

What the difference and relationship between a probability distribution and a probability function?

They are the same. The full name is the Probability Distribution Function (pdf).

Distinguish between binomial distribution and normal distribution?

Normal distribution is the continuous probability distribution defined by the probability density function. While the binomial distribution is discrete.