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n x 2 or 2n

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Q: What there are twice as many flute player as there are trupet players in band if there are n flute player how many trumpet players there are?
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Play a flute or a trupet?

um i play a flute and if you are asking which one you should play, i would sugest playing the flute if you are good with your fingers and trumpet if you are best at um lets say sound control

There are twice as many flute players as there are trumpet players in the band if there are n flute players write and algebraic expression to find out how many trumpet players are there?


Is it easier to blow in a trumpet or a flute?

flute, you have to have your mouth a certain way for the trumpet but you only have to blow the flute

What are the differences between a trumpet and a flute?

flute is a woodwind instrument while trumpet is not

Similarity of the trumpet and flute?

The trumpet is a member of the brass family; the flute is a woodwind. A trumpet has valves, and a flute has keys. A trumpet is in the key of B flat, while a flute is a C instrument. Much about them is different, but the similarity is that they are both metallic.

What instrument is in woodwinds Trumpet or Flute?

The Flute is in the Woodwind section/family and the Trumpet is in the Brass section/family.

What instrument is in the wood winds flute or trumpet?


Is a flute longer than a trumpet?

the lenght of both instruments can differ, but a flute is usually longer than a trumpet

What instruments are used in the Banana Boat song by Harry Belafonte?

clarienet trobone flute saxophone trupet snare drums ..................any more

Did Athena invent the flute?

Yes and the trumpet

Did Athena invent the flute and the trumpet?


Flute is to Trumpet as Clarinet is to?

Tenor Saxophone