What time is a quarter past ten?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What time is a quarter past ten?
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Is 945 half past nine quarter to ten quarter past ten or a quarter past nine?

Quarter to 10.

What is a qauter past ten?

It is nothing. But a quarter past ten is a quarter hour after ten: that is 10:15 in the morning or evening.

How do you say quarter past ten in French?

a quarter past ten is 'dix heures et quart' in French.

What is a quarter to ten to five past ten?

Twenty minutes.

What is quarter past 10?

quarter past ten means 15 minutes after 10o'clock

What time is 9.75?

As there are 60 minutes in 1 hour, 9.75 must be 10.15 (quarter past ten).

How you do quarter to 10?

A quarter of ten, as it relates to time, is 9:45 A quarter of ten, as it relates to algebra, is 2.5

What time will it be if it is quarter past 1 and an hour passes?

A quarter past two!

Why every wall clock display time ten hours ten minute in standby mode?

Ten past ten on a clock face has the hands balanced symmetrically on either side of the 12. Other times would also do this: quarter-past nine, for example, or twenty past eight. But ten ten looks best for display.

What does ten to nine mean on a clock?

Ten to nine on a clock means it is ten minutes until it is nine o'clock. Half past ten means it is 10:30, or a half an hour past ten. Quarter past nine/quarter to 9 means it is 9:15/8:45, or 15 minutes after/before nine.

What time is half past quarter to5?

It can't be half past and a quarter to 5 at the same time. I assume the answer is 5.30 for half past 5, and 4.45 for quarter to 5.

How do you say quarter past in frnch?

You simply add "et quart" (pronounce [eh kar]) after the hour from which the quarter is past. "et quart" literally means "and a quarter".Hence "a quarter past ten" becomes "dix heures et quart" ("ten hours and a quarter")