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Q: What times two plus 5 plus original number equals 100?
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What are the identity elements for addtion and multiplication?

Any number plus zero equals the original number. Any number times one equals the original number.

What number times what number plus 4 equals 95?

How about: 1 times 91 plus 4 = 95 or 7 times 13 plus 4 = 95

What is 4 times 5 plus equals blank times 2?

It is not possible to answer the question since it is incomplete. The number between "plus" and "equals" is missing.

What is the number when two times a number plus 5 equals 25?

the number is 10.

Two times a number plus 5 equals 25. What is the number?

The number is 10

What is the answer to six times a number plus eight equals five times the same number minus five?

The number is -13.

What property is 0 plus 7.5 equals 7.5?

The property is identity property of addition. This property states that any number plus 0 equals that number. identity property of multiplication states that any number times 1 equals that number.

Two times a number plus the square of the number equals 48 find the number?

6 or -8

Two times a number plus the square of the number equals 35 find the number?

5 or -7.

The reciprocal of a number plus the reciprocal of three times the number equals one third?


What is the answer to 2 times some number plus 20 equals 22?


What number times 3 plus 2 equals -10?

Try -4

What is the sum of 5 plus 2 or 2 plus 5 why is the sum the same?

because the number are the same /example2 times 3 equals 6. 3 times 2 equals 6

When two numbers equal zero?

Any number minus itself equals zero. Any number plus its opposite equals zero. Any number times zero equals zero.

What times what equals 60 what plus what equals -17?


3 times the sum of one plus three times a numbers is 57 What is the number A equals 6.2 B equals 18.7 C equals 6 D equals 9?

C. 6

A certain number has three digits the sum equals thirty six times this number seven times the left digit plus nine equals five times the sum of the first and third number What is the third number?

The answer to this question is at my website aim feliciano980

Two times a number plus three times another number equals 13 the sum of the two numbers is 7 what are the numbers?


What is three times a number plus four equals nineteen?


A number times itself plus 1 equals 10?

That would be 3 (THREE)

Three times a number plus five equals twenty?


Which number times which number equals 99?

One possible answer is 1 times 99.

What is the answer if 2 times a number plus three times a number equals 13?

if the number is the same: 2x + 3x = 13 5x = 13 x= 13/5

What times 3 plus 4 equals 31?

Nothing because 31 is a prime number

What plus what equals atomic mass?

The number of protons plus the number of neutrons equals the atomic mass (mostly).