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Q: What times two thirds equals three?
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Two thirds times three?

two thirds cup times three is what combined?

What is the gradient in y equals three and two thirds x minus four?

three and two thirds

If one third equals 15 miles what does three two thirds equal?

One third is 15 miles; two-thirds is 30 miles; three times two-thirds is 90 miles, or three and two-thirds is 3 x 3 x 15 + 30 = 165 miles.

How you explain to get 8 thirds in two and two thirds?

Six times a third equals two, and you have two thirds left over.

How many times does two-thirds fit into three and two-thirds?

51/2 times

How many ninths are equal to two thirds?

Thankfully, 3 and 9 are related! Three times three equalsnine, so three times two (of those thirds) would equal six! Six ninths are equal to two thirds.

Two thirds times what equals one?

3 over two

What is the slope of y equals negative two thirds times x minus 12?

negative two thirds

What is three times two-thirds?

two wholes

What is two thirds times two thirds times two thirds times two thirds time two thirds?


What number is multiplied three times that equals 1331?

four hundred and forty-three and two thirds443.6667 x 3 = 1,331

What is d minus three and two-thirds equals one and one-thirds?

It is an equation in the single variable, d.

What is sixty three times two thirds?


What is two thirds times negative three?


What is two thirds times 1?

two thirds times one is two thirds.

What is three fifths time two and two thirds?

The answer to the mathematical equation of three fifths times two and two thirds is 1and 3/5 or 8/5.

Five sixths times two and two thirds times three?

four two over six

What is two thirds multiplied by two and one fourths?

two thirds times nine fourths equals eighteen twelfths or nine sixths or 3/2.

What times 3 equals 140?

46.666 recurring or 46 and two thirds.

What is three minus three and two thirds?

Two Thirds

Two-thirds of what amount equals 6?

Two thirds of nine equals six.

What is three sixths plus one sixths equals?

4 sixths, or two thirds.

If inch on a map equals 300 miles then what is three and two thirds inches on a map in miles?

If an inch is set to measure three hundred miles, then three and two thirds inches equals 1100 miles. (300x3)+(300/3)x2))=1100

What is three fourths times two times one and one thirds?

2 and a half

Two thirds plus two thirds equals?

1 and 1/3

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