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Q: What to black lines on the side of the school buses mean?
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On a map what do black lines usually represent?

The black lines mean it is a state boundary.

What do the black lines on school bus mean?

Generally they tell rescue personal where things like the floorboard & seats are located.

When was 'Blue Bird' established?

Assuming you mean the company that makes school buses; Blue Bird was founded in 1927. Their first production plant for making school buses was built in Fort Valley, GA in 1935.

How do you spanish kids get to school?

Not all are poor if that's what you mean. The same as normal people... Buses, cars, walks.

What do black lines between the state mean?

They mean the state boundaries boundaries

What do the black lines between states on a map mean?

Usually they indicate the borders between the states.

What do black lines between thev states usually mean on a map?

In most cases the black lines which are between the states point out the border between different states, telling the map reader when the you are in a different state.

What do the three black lines mean for paramore?

It is there logo or sign. Hayley has it tattooed on left wrist. Thanks for asking:D

Your Budgie has small white lines on their head what does it mean?

Actually, the budgie has small black lines over a white forehead. These lines space farther and farther apart as the bird grows older. A young budgie has clearly defined black markings on its head, but an older bird has paler markings spaced wider apart.

What does curbs painted red mean?

Stopping or parking is not allowed (except buses).

What does the lines outside yin yang mean?

The lines represent yin and yang as the grow and fall from each other. The full lines represent yang (white) and the broken lines represent yin (black). The more full lines in the tetragram, the more yang influence. Thus, the more broken lines in the tetragram, the more yin influence.

What does a red school bus mean?

Normally buses are yellow, instead of saying it is a yellow bus you would say it is a red bus. The only thing that is changing is the color unless you are wanting to know brands, ect...