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Length and Width.

Area = Length * Width

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Q: What to things do you need to know to find a area?
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Why is it important that scientists agree on how they classify things?

because they need to know where to find these things

What do you need to know to find the area of a parallelogram?

Its length and its perpendicular height Area = length*height

Why would you need to find area?

If you need to find how big something 2-D is you need to know how to find the area of various shapes. If carpeting you need area. You don't think about it but area is very important. Math isn't useless and is very important int he real world.

How do you find length of base if you already know the area of triangle?

You will need to know the height before you can calculate the base form the area.

How do you find the width of the room if the area is 49?

Area = width x length in order to find width you need to know length

How do I find the area of a rectangle if I only have the length?

You cannot find the area of a rectangle if you only know its length. You need to know its width too. Then you multiply its length by its width.

How do you find the diameter of a circle in the terms of pi?

To find the diameter of a circle, you will either need to know the area or its circumference. If you know the area: diameter = 2 x squareroot(area / Pi) If you know the circumference diameter = circumference / Pi

What was the purpose for Google?

Google helps people find things they need to know

How do you find the perimeter if you don't know the area?

You can find the permeter if you know the length of the sides. You need to add the lengths of all the sides together.

How do you find the area of a equilaterial triangle?

First, you nee to know two things. One, you need to know the length of any one side (the base). Two, you need to know the height. The height is the length of a segment perpendicular to the base. if you know those two numbers, you can plug them into the following equation: A=1/2bh, where A is the area, b is the base, and h is the height.

Why does your Nintendogs need to know your birthday?

on your birthday it is more likely that you will find rare things on a walk.

How do you find the volume when you only have the the base area and height info?

To Find Volume Of Things You Need Is Length x Width x Higth

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