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What is the logical topology used for the Ethernet architecture?

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Q: What topology goes best with a client sever architecture?
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What is the best topology for a cyber cafe?

The best topology for a cyper cafe is Bas topology. hope it helps

Which topology is best in network?

The star topology

Why star topology is the best topology?

Scalability and reliabillty of star topology makes it the best, easy to remove or add a device.

What is the best topology to use for a wan?

Hybrid Topology is a best for establish Wan.

Which network topology is best for a library?

star topology

What topology is best for the large organisation?

Star topology is best for large oganization

Among topologies which is the best one?

The best topology, whether it is a LAN based or a WAN based topology, is the one best suited for your environment. There is no one best topology for all situations.

Which topology is best for 1000 computers in network?

Mesh Topology.

What is the best topology for cyber cafe?

The trivial topology, since in the trivial topology everyone would be 'close' to everyone.

Which should be the best topology used in wan?

the partially connected topology is best for the wan because it us

Which topology is best?


Which network topology is the best?

The best topology is ring topology. Star is the next best after ringr, and then bus, which is pretty old, but not too expensive. Full mesh topology is theoretically the best since every device is connected to every other device, thus maximizing speed and security. These, however, are quite expensive to install. The next best would be tree topology, which is basically a connection of stars.

Which physical topology provides the best redundancy?

Mesh type of topology is the most reliable.

What are the best network topology for 50 computers?

Mesh Topology... though if you use a beefy-enough machine in the middle, a Star topology might work.

What is the best networking topology to use for a library lan and why?

he most commonly used network topology is a hybrid topology called the Star Bus TopologyRead more:

What are the best architecture university in Europe?

best architecture universitybest architecture school is the DARCH ETH in Zürich, Switzerland

Which network topology is the best one?

There is no best topology as all have their own benefits and weaknesses. It depends on how and what you want it to be. a topology is the way in which the computers in a network are connected. there is no best topology, but each has its own advantages. for example, bus topology uses very less amount of wire and runs parallel to the computers thus using lesser space. but once a computer on the network is damaged, the whole system is affected:)

Which topology is best for a small office?

depends on how many computers you are running. but many will recommend Star Topology

Which topology is best suitable for network?


What type of network topology is best sited for a building having 3 floors 50 workers?

star topology

What are advantages of a bus topology?

Advantages of Bus TopologyIt is easy to handle and implement.It is best suited for small networks.

What is an irregular topology?

An irregular topology can be defined as a network that is not usual. However, networks take different a shapes and routes and the irregular topology might in some cases be the best option.

What is the best pvp sever in minecraft?


What is the best Minecraft sever? no doubt.

What network is the best between star topology and ring topology?

Star topology:- In this topology all PC are connected with the central device. Central may be HUB and SWITCH. Star widely use in all over word. Ring topology:- In this ring topology all PC are connected in the frame of ring are close Ring topology use MSAU each PC has a two never road one is called up Stream and called down stream. It used token passing Matterhorn which implement the token ring network. " Is the best of star topology".