What two decimals that when multiply totals 2?

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you cant get it

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Q: What two decimals that when multiply totals 2?
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What do you do with the decimal point when multiplying?

When you multiply decimals first you should take away the decimals and just leave the number. Then multiply the two numbers together and you get a larger number than the two numbers you have. Then you have to count out how many decimals places you orignally had in both of the numbers then you put how every many decimal place in the first two numbers in the answer. Let me show you an example 34.56 x 76.096 Take away the decimals 3456 x 76096 Find the answer to this 262987776 Now go back to your two original numbers and find how many decimals places they each have 34.56 has 2 decimals 76.096 has 3 decimals Since you have 2 and 3 decimals you have to put 5 decimal places in your final answer 2629.87776 this is your answer

Why is the product of two decimals smaller then the factors?

When you multiply 4 by 2, you're doubling it, increasing 4 to twice its size. When you multiply 0.25 by 0.5, you're cutting it in half, decreasing 0.25 to 0.125.

What are 2 aces in blackjack?

Two Aces totals 2 or 12

What are two equivalent decimals for 50 percent?

2 equivalent decimals for 50% = 0.5 and 0.50

How do you multiply and dive decimals and integers?

multiplying: you multiply like normal then if the integers are the same you get positive, if they are different, you get negative; Ex) -5x-2=+10; -5x+2=-10

How do you multiple decimals?

1) multiply as normal 2) count the amount of decimal places in the factors 3) put the same amount decimals in your product or anwser : ) , 8 ) , $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

What is two seventh in decimals?

2/7 = 0.2857142857142857

How do you round off the number 1.00329 to two decimal places?

4 decimals: 1.0033 3 decimals: 1.003 2 decimals: 1.00

What are two decimals that are equivalent to 18.7?

The question is not that clear but the 2 decimals could be 18.70 or 18.700 now having 2-3 zeros.

What are two decimals that equal ten as a product?

2 * 5

What is two tenths in decimals?

2/10 = 0.2 in decimal

What is six ninths simplest form?

2/3 or two thirds. In decimals, it is 0.666666666 repeating.

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