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-1, -3

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Q: What two negative numbers multiplied together makes 3?
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Related questions

Which two whole numbers multiplied together makes 17?


Why is the product of two negative numbers positive?

Multiplying something by a negative number makes it change signs. A positive number multiplied by a negative is negative therefore a negative * a negative is positive.

What two numbers multiplied together makes 297?

11*27 = 297

A negative and a positive equals?

A negative and a positive when multiplied makes negative.

If you add a negative and a negative it equals?

Adding a negative number to a negative number makes a larger negative. In order to solve this you add the numbers together as a positive then add a negative sign.

Which 3 prime numbers multiplied together makes 174?

2 x 3 x 29 = 174

How many different pairs of whole numbers make 8 when multiplied?

Eight has two factor pairs. Including their negative counterparts, that makes four pairs.

Two numbers multiplied together makes -30 if the numbers make 1 when added what are the numbers?

The two numbers are 6 and -5. 6 x (-5) = -30, 6 + (-5) = 1.

What 3 prime numbers multiplied together makes 168?

The prime factors of 168 are 23 x 3 x 7.

What three numbers when multiplied makes 9000?

30,300,and 1

What prime numbers multiplied makes 123?

3*41 = 123.

What two numbers timesd makes 144?

The two numbers multiplied are 12*12, 1*144

What are the factors of -32?

1, -1, 2, -2, 4, -4, 8, -8, 16, -16, 32, -32. Note that two negative numbers multiplied makes a positive number.

What makes 40 when added and 144 when multiplied?


What two numbers multiplied makes 1000?

Uhh... okay then... 500 and 2.

Why are prime numbers prime?

A prime number is prime because It can only be multiplied by 1 and itself which makes it prime. A number is composite because it can be multiplied by more than two factors. factors: Two numbers you multiply together to come up with a number/answer.

How do you multiply negative four and negative six?

A negative multiplied by a negative always makes a positive number- so negative four times negative six is simply four times six, which equals twenty-four!

What prime numbers make 9?

3 multiplied by itself (3x3) makes 9.

What 3 numbers multiplied makes 1000?

2 x 10 x 50

What 3 numbers multiplied makes 1728?

2 x 8 x 108

What 2 numbers multiplied makes 324?

The two numbers that multiplied together make 324 are 27 and 12. Another way to achieve a result of 324 is to multiply 18 times 18, or by multiplying 54 times 6.

What multiplied together makes 84?

How about: 2 times 42 = 84 as one example

What 3 prime numbers multiplied makes 258?

2 x 3 x 43 = 258

Is the product of 21 negative numbers and 23 positive numbers a positive number or a negative number?

It is a negative number, because every pair of negative factors makes a positive, and you have 10 pairs plus one left over.

What 4 numbers multiplied makes 196?

As a product of its prime factors: 2*2*7*7 = 196