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add, subtract

multiply, divide

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Q: What two operations that have the opposite effect?
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What are two operations and their inverses?

Inverse operations are opposite operations that undo each other. Addition and subtraction are inverse operations. Multiplication and division are inverse operations.

What is another name for opposite operations?

Another name for opposite operations is inverse operations.

Operations that are opposite of one another?

inverse operations

What is the opposite of subtracts?

In a way, addition and subtraction are opposite operations. More formally, they are said to be INVERSE operations.

What is the opposite of amuse?

The opposite of amuse is to bore have no effect in entertainment or effect in emotion

What is the opposite of any number?

The opposite of a number is another number (possibly the same), such that when the two numbers are combined according to some operation, the result is the identity for that operation. The opposite of a number will, therefore, depend on the operation. Addition (identity = 0) and multiplication (identity = 1) are two common operations.

What is the effect of two plates sliding against each other in opposite directions?

earth quakes

What are the two last operations in the order of operations?

The last two operations in P.E.M.D.A.S are 'addition' and 'subtraction'.

Which group of instruction do not effect the flag?

(a) Arithmetic operations (b) Logic operations (c) Data transfer operations (d) Branch operations

What are the two sets of inverse operations?

Addition is the inverse operation of subtraction and multiplication is the inverse operation of division. The word inverse means "opposite".

What is an induced effect that is the exact opposite of that which was therapeutically intended?

A paradoxical effect is one that is the opposite of that which was therapeutically intended.

What is the opposite effect of evaporation?


What has the opposite effect to caffeine?


What two operations would you use for comparing two numbers?

the operations that can be used in comparing two numbers are??????

How many diagonals does an arrow head have and where are they?

Two, and they join the two pairs of opposite vertices.Two, and they join the two pairs of opposite vertices.Two, and they join the two pairs of opposite vertices.Two, and they join the two pairs of opposite vertices.

Pairs of operations that undo each other?

Inverse operations, or opposite operations, undo one another. Subtraction undoes addition (and vice versa), and division undoes multiplication (and vice versa).

What is the negative effect of globalisation?

It is the exact opposite of "The Positive Effect of the Power of Community".

What does an inverse operation mean?

it is something that does the opposite of something else. for example multiplication and division are inverse operations because they do the opposite of each other.

What has the opposite effect to calcitonin?

parathyroid hormone

Can Trileptal get you high?

No, it can cause the opposite effect.

How are inverse operations used to solve multi-step equations?

because you do the opposite

What is the origin of the expression of theatre of operations?

during WW2 there were several areas of military operations. European theather of operations and Pacific theater of operations were the two main areas of operations........

What effect will a charged object have on an object with the opposite charge?

It will attract it and/or be attracted to it. Opposite charges attract.

Do addition and subtraction have the same operations?

No,, they do not. Why would anyone have two operations that are the same?

What are words called that are opposite in meaning?

Words that are opposite or nearly opposite in meaning are called antonyms.Examples are big and small, or long and short. Not all words have antonyms.When two antonyms are used together for effect, it is called an oxymoron.(see the related question)