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Some units are the cubic meter, the cubic decimeter (= liter) and the cubic centimeter (= milliliter).

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Q: What two units are used to express volume?
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What are the two units used most oftento express the volume of liquid?

Litre and gallon

What are two metric units that can be used to express volume?

Cubic meter; cubic kilometer; liter (= cubic decimeter), milliliter (= cubic centimeter), cubic millimeter...

What two sets of units can be used to describe density?

volume and mass

What are two metric units commonly used for volume?

Liters and MilliLiters

Name two metric units used to measure solid volume?

litres cubic metres

What is the volume of a rectangular prism that is 3 units by 5 units by two units?

Volume = (length) x (width) x (height)

Why can you express the volume of the gold nugget measured by the method in cubic units?

Gold nuggets (Or anything that exists, for that matter) are in the third dimension. They have length, width, and height. For two dimensional objects, the area is expressed in square units, but because the gold nugget is in the third dimension, it's volume is expressed in cubic units.

What are the two unit used to measure volume and are equal in amount?

The two units are mass and weight and I can't answer the equal amount

What are two common units of measure used to express density?

i don't know that's why im asking u guys

What are units conversions used for?

Unit conversions express an amount in a different unit.

What is the volume of two cubes with side lengths of 9 units?

Cube one's volume = 9*9*9 = 729 cubic units. As there are two cubes, their volumes added together = 1458 cubic units.

What is the formula to calculate density and units?

Density = Mass/Volume. Conversion between units will depend on what the two units are.