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all vertical lines are parallel to waht type of line?

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Q: What type of line is perpendicular to a vertical line What type of line is parallel to a vertical line?
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What type of line is the graph of x equals negative 2?

It's a line of infinite extent, and should be drawn in blue or black on the graph, solid, and with the smallest possible thickness. The line is vertical, perpendicular to the x-axis, passing through the point [ x = -2 ], parallel to the y-axis, and traversing the Second and Third Quadrants.

Which is better perpendicular or parallel bat rolling?

Which is better, perpendicular or parallel bat rolling, will depend on the type of bat you are rolling. If you are rolling an aluminum bat parallel bat rolling is better.

Does a parallelogram have parallel and perpendicular sides?

By definition, a parallelogram two separate pairs has parallel sides. The only type of parallelogram that has perpendicular sides is a rectangle. All others have non-perpendicular sides.

Is a perpendicular bisector a type of concurrent line?

A perpendicular bisector is a line that cuts through another line at 90 degrees

How many different line designs are there?

The different type of line designs are zig zag, parallel, dotted, dashed, perpendicular, curved, straight and wavy. The most used line designs are zig zag, dotted and straight.

What is the only type of line that is not a function?

A vertical line. Remember that one test to see if a relation is a function is the vertical line test. A vertical line would fail that of course.

What type of line dose not have a defined slope?

a vertical line

What type of lines are in math?

Parallel lines--will never touch Perpendicular lines--cross at right angles Rays--lines that start at a point and extend into infinity Line segment--a line between two points Line--a line that runs forever in either direction

How are perpendicular lines similar to intersecting line?

perpendicular lines are a special type of intersecting line that happen to intersect at 90 degree angles

What type of intersecting line has right angle?

Perpendicular lines.

A straight line that is drawn from top to bottom is what type of line?


What type of symmetry line does an isosceles triangle have?