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A vertical line. Remember that one test to see if a relation is a function is the vertical line test.

A vertical line would fail that of course.

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Q: What is the only type of line that is not a function?
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Why a constant function doesn't have an inverse function?

When graphing functions, an inverse function will be symmetric to the original function about the line y = x. Since a constant function is simply a straight, horizontal line, its inverse would be a straight, vertical line. However, a vertical line is not a function. Therefore, constant functions do not have inverse functions. Another way of figuring this question can be achieved using the horizontal line test. Look at your original function on a graph. If any horizontal line intersects the graph of the original function more than once, the original function does not have an inverse. The constant function is a horizontal line. Under the assumptions of the horizontal line test, a horizontal line infinitely will cross the original function. Thus, the constant function does not have an inverse function.

Is the first derivative of a function is a constant then its graph is?

A line. The derivative of a function is its slope. If the slope is a constant then the graph is a line.

Is x cubed minus 3 a one to one function?

use the horizontal line text, a horizontal line intersects the graph of x3 -3 only once so it is one to one.

Should you check the value of a function on its asymptote to get a good idea of how its graph should look?

The asymptote is a line where the function is not valid - i.e the function does not cross this line, in fact it does not even reach this line, so you cannot check the value of the function on it's asymptote.However, to get an idea of the function you should look at it's behavior as it approaches each side of the asymptote.

What is a function whose graph is a nonvertical line or part of a non-vertical line?

A linear equation

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What type of function that graphs into straight line?

It is a straight line equation.

What type of function is y equals -7?

A linear function. It is a horizontal line at -7.

What is a type of function whose graph is a nonvertical line?

A monotonic, or one-to-one function.

Which type of line that tests for a function?

Vertical line. If you can draw a vertical line through some part of a graph and it will intersect with the graph twice, the graph isn't a function.

How do you use the vetical line test to determine a function?

f(x) = x2 This is a function by the vertical line test because a vertical line drawn through this function will only intersect the function at one point

Can you change return type in function overloading?

No. Function overloading only pertains to the type of parameters.

Can a parabola represent a function?

If a vertical line passes through the supposed function at only one spot then you have a function.

Can a function be overloaded only by its return type?


A function will always be a vertical line?

A function can never be a vertical line, because it then fails the definition of a function: every x value outputs only 1 y value. The vertical line test will determine if a relation is a function. If a vertical line intersects the graph of the function at more than one place, it is not a function.

What type of function is y equals x plus 1?

It is a linear function. That is to say, it is a function representing a straight line in the coordinate plane.

How can you tell if a graph show a FUNCTION?

By doing a vertical line test. If you can draw a vertical line and it only passes through the graph once, its a function. If it passes through twice, it is NOT a function.

What is a function that forms a line when graphed called?

It is a continuous function. If the line is a straight line, it is a linear function.

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