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Q: What type of variation is height an example of?
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Is human height an example of quantitative variation?


What type of variation that is seen looking at a height of a population?

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What is a difference within a population?

A variation within the population. Height in humans is an example of this.

What is the type of variation that is seen when looking at the height of a population?

The height of a population would be an example of a continuously variable characteristic. This applies only if a consistent sample, such as a large number of people of a particular age and sex, is considered.

What is discrete variation?

AnswerDiscrete variation refers to differences in characteristics that have a defined form. You can think of it as being either/or.For example. Your earlobes are either attached or they are not. Or whether or not you can roll your tongue.Continuous variation comes in a range of forms.For example. Height - is not a set number or another.

What are specific examples of variation within a species?

Human species, as in the variation in height.

A genetic characteristic of the individual?

You can inherit height, hair color, and eye color.

How does the range of phenotype differ between single-gene traits and polygenic traits?

Single gene traits are either one type or another,for example everyone is either (ABO System) group A,B AB or O with no intermediates - this shows discontinuous variation. In polgyenic traits, continuous variation is shown and there is a range with no discrete categories - height

Is the variation in weight in human populations an example of discrete or continuous variation?

It is an example of continuous variations.

What term is used by biologists to describe the differences within a population with respect to features such as height?

The term used by biologists to describe the differences within a population with respect to features such as height is "variation". Variation refers to the range of different traits or characteristics that individuals within a population exhibit, including height.

What is acquired variation?

it is somthing about you witch you can't change (blood or size) FOR EXAMPLE: humans can't change their blood type.

Main difference between inherited variation and enviromental variation?

Inherited variation is what is passed on through genetics, for example, your eye color. Environmental variation is influnced by the environment, for example, scars or clothing styles.