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They are the perfect squares.

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Q: What types of numbers have whole number square roots?
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What other types of numbers are irrational?

square roots, pi

What is the difference between square roots and real square roots?

In mathematics, there is a distinction between real numbers and imaginary numbers. There is a number known as i which means, the square root of minus one. Since any number that we know of will produce a positive result when multiplied by itself, there would seem to be no such thing as the square root of minus one, however, the concept is useful for certain purposes, nonetheless, and it is therefore known as an imaginary number. Any multiple of i is also an imaginary number (such as 67i and so forth). So, some square roots are real numbers, and some are imaginary. Both types can be called square roots.

What are the 2 main types of roots?

The two main roots in math are square roots and cubed roots. The square root is what number squared is your original number. For example the square root of 25 is 5 because 5 x 5 is 25. For cubed roots it is what numbered cubed is your original number.

What types of numbers has an odd number of factors?

Even powers of prime numbers. Square numbers have an odd number of factors.

What types of numbers has an odd number of factors give examples?

Square numbers like 4, 9 and 16 have odd numbers of factors.

What are the 4 kinds of roots?

Not sure what answer you are looking for, but here are 4 types of roots in math. First is a square roots, next is cube roots, then the nth roots, and lastly rational roots.

Different types of roots?

types of roots

What are the two types of roots?

Fibrous roots and taproots are the two types of roots

What is a real solution?

There are two types of numbers. The real number system that we use everyday for counting and money and such. There is also the imaginary or complex number system that is used to help evaluate the square roots of negative numbers. A 'real solution' generally means that the solution is one from the real number system. When solving an equation (especially at lower grade levels) the answer might be that there are no real solutions. However there might be complex solutions to the problem.

What is the other special number?

Other than what? - Lots of numbers are "special" in some way; for example, you can type in any number (preferably, a small number) in Wolfram Alpha, and quickly get a list of some of its interesting properties.For example, some categories of "interesting" numbers include:* Square numbers* Cube numbers* Higher powers (4th powers, 5th powers, etc.)* Prime numbers* Many other types of special numbersThe above list is only about integers; there are also non-integers that have a special importance, such as:* The number pi* The number i* The number e* Square roots* Other roots* Etc.

What are types of real number?

The set of real numbers can be divided into rational numbers and irrational numbers.

What types of roots does jowar have?

Fibrous roots

3 types of roots?

fibrous roots tap roots adventitous roots =P

What are the 4 types of roots?

The are four main types of roots. These include tarproots, tubers, bulbs, and rhizomes. Different types of roots demand different living conditions.

Why is the square root of a negative number not a real number?

Because there is no real number which you can square, which will result in a negative real number. So they came up with imaginary numbers, and denoted the letter i to represent the square root of negative one. At first, they were thought to be just that - imaginary - nonexistent, whose only purpose was to fill in and make equations solvable. But now these numbers are useful in solving equations which govern electrical waves and other types of wave motion.

What are the 3 types of roots in sugarcane?

Aerial roots

What types of roots are found in maize?

stilt roots

What types of numbers are integers?

Any whole number is an integer.

Why is there no solution to the square root of -169?

The answer is an imaginary number, because of the negative under the square root. The same number multiplied together will always be a positive number. For example, if you square negative one, the answer is positive one, because a negative times a negative is a positive. Because a square root undoes a square, there is no solution to the square root of a negative number. That's why your calculator could not compute this problem. However, there is a way to solve these types of problems by using imaginary numbers. The answer is 13i, where i is the square root of negative one.

What types of roots are there?

The n-th root (where n is a natural number) of a real number x is defined as x^(1/n).

What is the two types of roots?

tap root and fibrous roots

Types of Mangrove tree roots?

they are called the Ariel roots

What types of roots are there-?

There are two main types of roots systems, the fibrous root system and the tap root system.

What type of number is 25?

the number 25 is a square number and probably many other types this is the wrong site for you

The two main types of roots systems are?

Fibrous and tap roots