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either mile-per-hour or kilometer-per-hour

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Q: What unit rate would you use to solve a problem involving the speed of a vehicle?
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How do you solve speed word problems?

Use the equation, speed = distance / time, substitute in the given information from the problem and solve it.

What is vehicle speed sensor circuit low input?

Tata ace cng small commercial vehicle dignosis by scanner ,the dtc code display P0502 SPEED SENSOR circuit low indicate, how can we solve this problem?we change the new speed sendor assly.but same error indicate in scanner.

What is an example problem of speed and velocity?

One example problem of speed and velocity would be 'What is the speed of a sailboat traveling 100 meters in 180 seconds?' You can use a calculator to solve these types of problems.

How do you repair a code P0500 on a Plymouth Voyager?

This code indicates a problem with the vehicle speed sensor. Check the wiring and if it is good replace the vehicle speed sensor.

How do you solve problems involving distanse time and average speed?

By using the formula distance equals rate times time or d = r x t

How do you speed up an iPod touch?

delete some stuff like apps and music,that should solve your problem.

What if the electronic speedometer on your 1992 buick regal does not work what could be the problem?

Vehicle Speed Sensor

How do you trace speed sensor wires to transs and speedo i replaced speed sensor that did not fix the problem?

Your gage may be the problem, if the vehicle is using a speed sensor then the input will go through the computer before it gets to the speedo. to answer the question directly, you need to get a manual on the vehicle and reference the wiring schematics in the back.

Gauges stop working while vehicle is operating and all reset to zero 2001 Nissan Frontier?

vehicle speed sensor may be your problem

Speedometer not working in a 1992 dodge cummins?

Either a problem in the circuit or a faulty vehicle speed sensor.

Transmission was replaced last year in your 93 Mazda 626 why would it only go up to 20mph and then rev up without gaining speed?

your vehicle speed sensor is problem bad on not connected right this is found on the bottom of the tranny your vehicle speed sencor is problem bad or not connected rigth this is located on the bottom of your tranny.

What could cause the speedometer to stop working?

The speed sensor on the vehicle could be shot. My vehicle is currently experiencing the same problem. If the odometer doesn't work either, this is likely the problem. Depending on the age/make of the vehicle, could be difficult to find the component.