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If you are asking about encyclopedias, it would be in the B volume.

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Q: What volume you will find information on basketball?
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How would you find the volume of a basketball?

you weigh it

How do you find the volume of a basketball?

I really do not know, but I know that a basketball is shape as a sphere so use the volume of sphere.

Where can one find more information about Davidson basketball?

One can find more information about Davidson basketball by going to the Davidson website. The website has information about all of its sports, including basketball.

If you had a basketball filled with mercury density13.6gml about how much would it weigh in kilograms Assume the radius of a basketball is 4.00 inches.?

find the volume of the basketball using the formula 4/3 * phi * radius3since the volume of the mercury inside the basketball equals the volume of the basketball, find the weight by calculang density (13.6) * the basketball's volumemake sure you do the calculations in the correct measurement

Where can one find information on basketball trophies?

One can find information on basketball trophies when one goes to the website of NCAA Basketball Trophies Guide. This site provides information on games and awards won.

What do you use to find information on a magazine?

A basketball

Where can one find information on Gopher Basketball?

Information on Gopher Basketball may be obtained from Gopher Sports. This source will provide information for both the men's and women's basketball teams.

How do you find the volume in milliliters?

The answer depends on what information you have.

Where does one find information regarding basketball systems?

You can find information regarding basketball systems from the Dick's Sporting Goods website. Once on the site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Buying Guides" in the footer. Then scroll down to Basketball and click on "Basketball Systems" to bring up the information.

Where can someone find information on the men's basketball Big East Conference?

There are many places where one could find information on the men's basketball Big East Conference. One could find information at places like ESPN or the the NBA's website.

Where can you find information on the 1966 Hawkeye basketball team?

contact univ of Iowa sports information dept

How do you find circumference of volume?

It depends on what the shape is and what information you already have.

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