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John Napier is best known for discovering logarithms. He also invented Napier's bones. John Napier was a famous Mathematician that was born in 1550 and passed away in 1617.

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Q: What was John Napier best known for?
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Who was john napier?

john napier is best know as the discover of logarithm he also invented the so called "Napier bones" and made commen the ues of the demical point in arithmetic and mathematic.

When is john napier's birthday?

John Napier's birthday is not known. However, records at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland affirm he was a student there. We choose to honor him on St. Andrew's Day, November 30.John Napier (1550 - 1617)

What is John Napier famous for?

John Napier (1550 - 4 April 1617) was a Scottish mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and astrologer. He is known as the inventor of logarithms, Napier's bones, and made using the decimal point popular.

What did John Napier invent?

John Napier is best known as the discoverer of logarithms. He was also inventor of Napier's Bones. Which were multiplication tables written on strips of wood or bones. The invention was used for multiplying, dividing, and taking square roots and cube roots. He also made common the use of the decimal point in math.

What year did john napier invented the napier's bone?

in 1614 john Napier invented logarithms and a device called NAPIER,s bones

What was the name of John Napier calculating machine?

John Napier's calculating machine invention is called "Napier's Bones."

When and who invented the the computer napier's bone?

John Napier invented the Napier's Bone

When was John Napier - primatologist - born?

John Napier - primatologist - was born in 1917.

When was John Napier Burnett born?

John Napier Burnett was born in 1899.

When did John Napier Burnett die?

John Napier Burnett died in 1989.

What is the function of the napier rod?

The rods in John Napier's invention, known as Napier's Bones, basically contained the columns of a multiplication table. They could be used to multiply, divide, and even extract square roots. John Napier also was a pioneer in creating tables of logarithms, but the rods had nothing to do with that.

Who are the inventors of abacus and Napier's Bones?

John Napier

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