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The word 'plus' implies the process of addition.

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Q: What words in maths mean addition?
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Other words for addition in maths?

Sum or summation

What are some other words for times in maths?

Repeated addition or multiplication.

What does addition mean in maths?

Add/plus/sum of. For example 2 + 2 = 4

What words in maths mean multiply?

quotent, quarks, exdover, reinstilt, of

What does the words In addition mean?

It means "also".

What does MAB mean in maths?

It is an operation with blocks,flats,longs and units that can be answered by addition,subtraction,multiplication and division.

What did Isaac newton invented using maths?


What is words and math?

words and Well if you mean letters in math then they are pro numerals, which are used in algebra to represent numbers. Words in maths may represent numbers also, otherwise i am unsure

What does the words oblique lines mean in maths?

Lines that are neither parallel nor perpendicular.

What are the types of functions in maths?

Multiplication, division, addition, subtraction !

What are the 4 rules in maths?

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

What does bodmas mean in maths?

b= brackets o= over power d= division m= multiplication a = addition s = subtraction

Can gorrillas do math?

It depends on what you mean by "do maths". They are aware of the conservation of numbers, and can do basic addition but I suggest that solving differential equations is beyond them.

What other words in maths mean minus?

subtract and takeaway, find the difference, how many are left

Are there you maths words?


In maths what does inverse mean?

its mean the opposite

Do you need maths a to become an electrian?

Yes of course you do. You need maths in practically every occupation. You need the maths for the wires. The basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is needed alot.

What are the four fundamentals?

addition,subtraction,division and multiplication are the four fundamentals in maths.

What are the 4 basic maths symbols?

Addition (+), Substraction (-), Division ( / ), and Multiplication ( x ).

Another word for addition?

Addition is the act of adding one thing to another thing. Other words that mean addition are inclusion, incorporation, or appendage.

How is maths used in football game?

maths can be used by counting the scores of each team . in this you use addition . you can even use it by calculating time.

What words mean the same as multiply?

times and of (for maths) increase, magnify, enlarge that's all i can think of xx

What does mad mean in math?

In Maths, the mean is the mean average; in other words, the average. To calculate the mean (average), you add the numbers you have together and then divide that total by the amount of numbers of had..

What does figure mean in maths?


What does 4x8 mean?