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Some other words for "times" in math are "multiply" and "product".

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Repeated addition or multiplication.

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Q: What are some other words for times in maths?
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What are some other words for equals in maths?

Amounts to, proportionate to, the same as, equivalent to, is equal to, amounts to, is even to, matches, comes out to, etc. look it up in a thesaurus.

What are some other words Mutiply for math?

Multiplication Times Multiplied

What are some math words that end in er?


What is another word for Many Times?

Some other words for 'many times' are the adverbs often or frequently, or numerous times.

How is math different from other subjects?

Maths is different from other subjects as you use alot of numbers. Maths is also different as it is not taught like the other subjects it inclues puzzle, equations and other stuff. Maths can be fun, if taught in a certain way. Some math puzzles may look hard but can be overcome, there are many maths books out there that can help.

Is there any words that sound the same in french and englishif so what are they?

yes there is some words tghat sound the same like maths and re and music and biology

What are some other words for multiply in math?

Times as much, percent of, product, interest on, multiply, factor

What are some words in maths begins with letter k?

Kilogram, kilometer and kilowatt are math terms. They begin with the letter k.

I am weak in maths what should i do to score above 85?

you should buy some maths books and do 20 mins every night or do some revision on maths.

How do people add sums in maths?

well some people use coculateors or other use there fingers.

Why did the Greeks invent maths and why did they invent the alphabet?

they invented maths because the needed to some how figure out the ways of life. they invented the alphabet because the needed to send messages to each other.

What are some jobs that use maths?

Video game designer