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Q: What would 545 round to if you need it to divide it by 8 with no remander?
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Would you multiply or divide to go from cups to quarts?

You would need to divide.

When would you estimate a quotient instead of finding the exact quotient?

when in money sometimes when you divide you need to round over just incase you don't know how much money you have

If you have to round a quotient to the nearest hundredth what place do you need to divide?

You just continue to do the division, until you calculate the third digit after the decimal point. Then you round.

How many square bales in round bale?

This can vary greatly based on what bale size you are going by and how big the round bale is. For hay bales you should never measure by volume, but instead by weight. To do that you need the weight of the round bale and the weight of the smaller bales. You'll need to divide the round bale weight by the smaller bales weight to get your answer. For example a 600 pound round bale would equal 15 small 40 pound bales of hay by weight.

What number can you divide a rational number to get a number that is twice the opposite of the rational number?

You would need to divide by -1/2.

For a cell to divide into two parts what would need to happen to all the organelles in the cell?

they need to split

What would Lewis and clark need to get across the Continental Divide and where could they get them?

a car

How many 4 x 8 bricks needed for 550 sq ft?

you would find the area of the bricks... 4x8=32... then divide 550 by 32 which equals 17.1875... the answer would be 18 because you would need that .1 of a brick so you could not round down

How many boxes of hardwood flooring would you need for 198X185?

The box will have a square foot coverage on the box. Multiply 198x185=36,630 square inches There are 144 inches in a square foot. Divide 36,630 by 144=254.375 Divide 254.375 by the number on the box. If you have ANY remainder then round UP. You can't round down. Also, many contractors add 10 percent to help with measurement.

When would you need to divide a document into sections?

To format the sections with different numbers of columns.

What would I have to do to make 2.598 a whole number of 3?

You would need to round it to the nearest whole number.

What tools would a student need to find a density of a metal cube?

You would need a balance to measure its mass. You would need a ruler to measure the length of its sides. Then you would need to calculate volume. Then divide the mass by the volume to get density.

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