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I would name my kids: Ayden (for a boy) with a middle name of either lawerance (because that's my grandfather's name, or James just because I like Ayden James. And for a girl i would name her Avery madison.

Why Avery and Madison? They look like male names to me.

I would name one of the girls Renessmae after the baby in breaking dawn and the other girl I would not know). If i had 2 boys they would be named Kyler and Jacob because Kyler is a unique name and Taylor Lautner plays Jacob and Taylor is HOT.

same with renesmee and leslee the boy would be rome

Jeepers, what odd names there are around these days!

Avery, and Madison certainly look male to me. Ayden looks gay, it is neither male nor female. In what way is Kyler unique? You have just broadcast it for everyone to see!

Rome seems a very vague name, I wouldn't expect a boy with that name to achieve much.

Kyler is unique because I have never met a boy named Kyler. Such as Kali pronouced as Kaley is unique because there are ones pronouced like it is typed Kali but no Kaley that is spelt the way Kali is. Maybe you could name them Kyler and Jacob for the guys and Kali pronounced Kaley and Renessmae. Cora would also be a cute name for a girl.

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Q: What would you name your kids if you had two girls and one boy. Please more than one person answer?
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