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It can be either depending on its minimum value or its maximum value

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Q: What would you want to be a parabola open upward or open downward?
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When the parabola concave downward and upward?

If the number in front of the x squared is negative, then the parabola will open upwards. The opposite occurs when the number is positive.

if the parabola open upward a is?


What way does the parabola open if a is greater than 0?

If a is greater than zero then the parabola opens upward.

Which way does a parabola open when the coefficent of its x2-term a is negative?

Opens downward.

In which directions does this hyperbola open?

X2 + whatever would open upward. - X2 + whatever would open downward. y2 + whatever would open to the right. - y2 + whatever would open to the left.

What does changing the value of a from a negative number to a positive number cause the parabola to do?

open upward

How does the graph of y 4x2 compare to the graph of y x2?

Their noses are both at the origin, and they both open upward, but y=4x2 is a much skinnier parabola.

What determines whether the graph of the quadratic function will open upward or downward?

The slope of your quadratic equation in general form or standard form.

What does a rocker do for valves?

The cam pushes the lifter and pushrod up. The rocker sits on a fulcrum, which converts the upward motion of the pushrod into downward motion to open the valve.

The equation below describes a parabola. If a is negative which way does the parabola open y ax2?


What is the area of the inside of a parabola?

Since a parabola is an open infinite curve, the area inside it is infinite.

What way does a parabola open if a is negative?