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You were born in 1948. (2013 - 65 = 1,948).

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Q: What year were you born if you turn 65 in 2013?
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What year should a person be born to be 65 years old in 2013?

2013 - 65 = 1948

What year is someone born who will be 65 Nov 2014?

If you will turn 65 in 2014, then you were born in 1949.

If you are 65 what year was you born?

If you turn 65 this year (2010) you were born in 1945. But if you were born in 1944 and your most recent birthday was in 2009, you are 65 until your birthday in 2010.

What would be owed by a 65 year old with 2013 income of 35000?

Why should the 65 year old owe anything!

How old are you when you are born December 15 1948?

On 25 June until 14 December 2013, they would be aged 64, and then turn 65 years old on 15 December 2013.

What year would you have to be born in if you were 65?

If you are turning 66 in this year, you would have been born in 1944. If you just turned 65, 1945.

If a person was in Born 1944 how old would they be in the year 2009?

If a person was born on any date in 1944, then on the same date in 2009 the person would turn 65.

How many people turn 18 each year?

Approximately 4,043,978 people turn 18 each year. Many of these teens are in the US. In contrast, 7,100 people in the US turn 65 each year.

How old would someone be if they were born 1945?

65 this year

How old are you if you were born September 8 1948?

You would be turning 65 on September 8, 2013.

How old is Selena's killer?

Yolanda Saldívar was born September 19, 1960. She was sentenced to life in 1995 but is eligible for parole after 30 years, which is in 2025. She will turn 65 that year.

How do you turn 65 percent into a fractional notation?

65% = 65/100 = 13/20

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