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You were born in 1997.

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Q: What year were you born if your 16 in 2013?
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What year would you have been born in if you'll turn 16 on February 21st 2013?

2013 minus 16 = 1997

What year would give you the age of 16?

A person born in 1997 will turn 16 in 2013.

How old will Cody Simpson be in 2013?

Born January 11th, 1997 and he turned 16 this year in 2013.

When is fleurs birthday?

well if you mean when is Fleur Houdijk's birthday , she was born on the 13th of November 1997 and since this year is 2013 she will be 16 this year

What year would a person be born if they're turning 21 today?

1992 (today = 16 March 2013).

What year were you born if you are 98 this year?

If you have turned 98 in 2013, you were born in 2013 - 98 = 1915. If you are 98 in the beginning of 2013, but turn 99 later this year, you were born in 2013 - 99 = 2014.

What year was i born in if you were 16?

If I am currently 16, then you were born 16 years before the present year. Therefore, the year you were born in would be the current year minus 16.

If im 16 what year was i born?

1997. But the year is always changing so this answer may not keep up to date, so just take a calculator and type in the current year, then subtract the age you want to calculate. So if you want to find a 16-year-old's birth year in 2013 just type in the calculator: 2013 - 16 = 1997.

What year were you born if you are 49 in April?

If in April 2013, you were born in 2013 - 49 = 1964

What year were you born if you turn 65 in 2013?

You were born in 1948. (2013 - 65 = 1,948).

What year would you be born in if you were 21 for 2013?

If you are 21 in 2013, then you were born in 1992.

How old are you in 2013 if you were born in 1997?

As of your birthday in 2013, you would be 16 years old.