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The year of birth is 1985.

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Q: What year where you born on to be 25?
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What year do you was born in if you 25?

IF you will be 25 in the year 2012 - you were born sometime in the year 1987 !

If your 25 what year was you born in?

Just substract 25 from number of year when you were 25.

When were you born if your 25 in the year 1900?

In the year 1875.

What year would you be born in if you were 25 now?

2012 - 25 = 1987

What year was Lauryn Hill born?

she was born 25/1975

Which year was ciara born?

born October 25, 1985

What year would you have to be born in to be 25?

Let's say that you're 25 this year, which is 2010. You subtract the year by how old you are. 2010 -0025 ------- 1985 You'd have to be born in 1985 to be 25 years old right now.

If you were 25 years old what year was you born in?

2010-25=1985 You would've been born in 1985.

If im 25 what year was you born?


If you were 25 what year would you be born in?


If im 25 what year are you born?


I am 25 what year was I born in?

around 1985

What year would you be born in if you were 25?

A person who turned 25 in 2011 was born in 1986. People who turned 25 in 2012 were born in 1987. Those who turned 25 in 2013 were born in 1988. And a person turning 25 in 2014 was born in 1989

What year was Pablo Picasso born?

He was born October 25, 1881.

What year was Aretha Franklin born?

She was born on March 25, 1942.

What was the year that ti was born?

TI was born on September 25, 1980.

What year was Bridget marquardt born?

She was born (September 25, 1973)

What year were you born if you're 25?

You would have been born in 1990.

What year was Picasso born and what year did he did?

Born: October 25, 1881 Died: April 8, 1973

What year was Renoir born?


What year was pacoso born?

October 25, 1881

What year was William Macdougall born in?

He was born in Toronto On January 25 1882. :)

If your 25 what year were you born in?

As of today's date, December 19, 2009, if you are 25 years old, you were born in 1984 if you birthday is on or before today's date. Otherwise, you were born in 1983 (you will be 26 later in the year).

How old are you now if you were born in 1987?

2012 - 1987 = 25 so you will be 25 on your birthday this year.

In what year was gavrillo princip born?