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Q: What you have to use for solve social problem knowledge or intelligence?
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Is IQ 128 good in the 3rd grade?

I believe 128 is considered gifted. It is particularly rare to have it at such a young age. Studies have shown that as a gifted child ages his IQ is likely to decrease. IQ tests measure various things including fluid and crystallized intelligence. Essentially, fluid intelligence is your ability to learn and problem solve in situations you haven't encountered using the knowledge you have. Crystallized intelligence is what fluid intelligence pulls from. It's indicated by a person's depth and breadth of general knowledge, vocabulary, and the ability to reason using words and numbers. Your child more than likely has high fluid intelligence. This can't be increased. All you can do is increase crystallized intelligence to give fluid intelligence more to draw from. There is a lot more complicated theories and studies involved but this is the gist of it.

What is the difference between solving a problem and analyzing a problem?

When you analyze a problem you look it over which is what analyzing means. You look over the problem and then you solve it. When you solve a problem you solve it and you use certain steps and solve it but of course everyone has there ways to solve a problem but some people have ways to solve it by just analysing it. That is the difference.

What is meant by crystallized intelligence?

Crystallized intelligence is the capacity to think logically and solve problems in hard situations. Crystallized intelligence is the ability to use skills and experience.

What does solve a simpler problem to solve mean?

Analyzing it!

Can a problem be solve with the scientific method?

yes it can be solve

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How do you describe one person's intelligence?

Intelligence can be described as the ability to learn, understand, and apply knowledge to solve problems effectively and adapt to new situations. It often involves critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to reason and make sound decisions. Intelligence can manifest in various forms, such as academic, emotional, social, or practical intelligence.

What is the difference between social research and social survey?

The purpose of social research is to discover the causes of a social phenomenon or to increase knowledge about a social problem, but the purpose of social survey is not to increase knowledge but is related to welfare side of the society. The results gained from a social survey helps and directs the government to proceed in necessary steps to solve a social problems.

What is the social problem that Swift is proposing to solve?

Social class inequality

When trying to solve a social problem what does science not take into account?

Science cannot ever solve social problems, and doesn't try for that reason.

What is the application of scientific knowledge to question of civil and criminal law?

we can apply the knowledge of fingerprinting to find the clue to solve the problem

Can reading increase one's fluid intelligence?

No. Extra knowledge will accrue but ur ability to solve problems (fluid intelligence) will not change. If u want to increase ur fluid intelligence play the dual n back game.

What is person who is trained to use both technology and scientific knowledge to solve practical problem?

An Engineer (:

What is business education practicum?

Adegboyega S.O. (1997) business education practicum is the practice of applying the real knowledge acquired to solve business problems. it involves the application of what is learnt to solve a real problem. the tasks involved are problems and with the practical knowledge the task is done.

What was the problem Stephen hawking try solve?

he tried to further are knowledge of the universe mainly on black-holes

Rosa is solving a math problem about money She thinks about her own bank account and how it might help her solve this problem?

Activating prior knowledge

The ability to apply one's knowledge in new and creative ways would be an example of?

Critical thinking, as it involves using one's existing knowledge and skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information in order to solve complex problems or generate innovative ideas.

What are the benefits of conducting an interview to gather details for a problem-and-solution essay?

other people may have a deep knowledge of the problem or definite ideas on how to solve it