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Multiplicand times multiplier equals product.

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Q: When a factor is multiplied a number only one number what is it called?
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What is it called when a number can only be multiplied by itself and one?

Prime number

When is a number called a factor number?

A number is called a factor when it can divide evenly into another number with no remainder. Integers only.

Is a prime number the same as a prime factor?

If you are talking about the number itself, they can be the same. To be specific: A prime number is a number that only has the factors 1 and itself. A factor is a number that when multiplied creates a product. A prime factor is a prime number that is multiplied to create a product.

What is the name of a number that can only be multiplied by one?

There is no number that can only be multiplied by one.

What is a number called when they have only one factor?

It is called unity.

What is the part of a power is the number of times that the factor is repeatedly multiplied?

The index or the exponent - but only if it is a non-negative integer.

What is a number that only has one prime factor called?

a prime number

Is 20 a factor of 24?

No. A "factor" is an integer by which the number is evenly divisible. There is no whole integer that can be multiplied by 20 to equal 24 (only a fraction or decimal).

What is a number called when it only has 1 and itself as a factor?


What is the difrence between a factor and a multiple?

They have a converse relationship. A factor is a number that divides into another, with no remainders. A multiple is something that can be multiplied by another number, to reach the original number that you had. Thus: Original number / a factor = a multiple Multiple * (the correct factor) = original number. "the correct factor", because most number have more than one factor. But only one factor * multiple will give the original number.

Why number 1 is a special number?

One is a special number because it is neither prime nor composite. It only has one factor, which is one. It can also be multiplied to any number to not change the product from the original number.

What are all the proper factors that can only be multiplied by one?

Any and every factor can be multiplied by one, so there is no special name.

What are numbers called with only one factor?

The only number with a single factor is ' 1 '. Every other number has at least two factors: ' 1 ' and itself. A number with only those two factors and no others is called a "prime" number.

Is the greatest common factor of 11?

The greatest common factor of 11 is 11 itself. This is because the only whole numbers that can be multiplied in order to come up with the number 11 are 1 and 11.

What is the only number that is a factor of every number?

One is the only number that is a factor of every other number.

Is 14xy14xy a indentity property?

No because the number is being squared, not multiplied by its inverse. An identity property is only when a number is multiplied by its inverse.

What do you called a number with only one factor?

prime * * * * * No, the only number with just one factor is 1. Each prime has TWO factors: 1 and the prime itself.

What is a prime numba?

a number that can only be multiplied by 1

How is 18 a composite number?

18 is a composite number because a prime number can only be multiplied by 1 and itself. 18 can be multiplied by 9 and 2 also.

What is the only prime number that has a factor of 16?

Small words make a difference. No prime number "has" a factor of 16. But 2 is the only prime number that "is" a factor of 16.

Why do they call 1 a prime number?

The number one is only multiplied by itself.

Can a rational number be multiplied by an irrational number and equal a rational number?

Only if the rational number is 0.

What prime number has only one factor?

No prime number only has one factor. Each prime number has itself and 1 as factors. Now, the number 1 of course has only one factor, but it is technically not a prime number.

Which numbers have only 1 as their factor?

The only number with one factor is 1.

What is the number that has only on factor?

1 has one factor.

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